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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


As promised, I will be giving away 2 FOOD prizes every week to 2 lucky winners! As I am pretty hung over from Halloween festivities, I will make this short and sweet :)

Up for grabs this week:

5 GC's for 5 Pizza-pasta combo meals as Ristorante Bigoli. (1 winner) All you need to do is LIKE Bigoli's Facebook page and answer this in the comment section of my blog: If money and availability were no object, what would you put on your IDEAL PIZZA?

The second prize up for grabs this week is 100g of real FETA cheese in Olive oil from Blackbird Farms (1 winner). Simply LIKE Blackbird Farm's page on Facebook and answer this on my blog: What would you do with 100g of FETA?

CONTEST starts NOW and ends on Saturday, November 5. Winner will be announced on Sunday, November 6.

Good Luck! Remember, if you don't win this week, you'll have 7 more weeks and 14 more chances to!


  1. Really great prosciutto, mozarella cheese and Feta cheese. Very simple.

  2. Pls note w/c question you are answering :)

  3. well I would put alot of mozzarelle cheese and pepperoni and bits of ham, for me it is my ideal pizza!

    would love to win those gc's and blog about it too!

  4. When it comes to the Feta cheese, I will be making my favorite salad with lots of Romaine it it and olive oil..make it a good diet as well

  5. Hi Erica, will try my luck.

    Liked the Ristorante Bigoli Official on Facebook. For my ideal pizza, a combination of white and black truffles, bacon, prosciutto, ricotta, blue, and mozzarella cheese on a thin crust. And oh, I would love to have it with bechamel sauce on top of the usual pizza sauce :)


  6. I would top my thin crust pizza with jamón ibérico, pule cheese, loads of mozzarella, grilled pineapple and a drizzle of truffle oil with edible gold sprinkled all over my very version of Rich Hawaiian Pizza baby! ;)

  7. Posting for "RISTORANTE BIGOLI" ;)

  8. For the Ristorante Bigoli question :)

    Should I not be limited with anything in choosing the toppings for my ideal pizza I think i'll just have it plain and simple but something that I will fall in love with forever.

    Upon reading and watching Eat, Pray, Love I have constantly dreamt of trying that authentic Neapolitan pizza.

    So my ideal toppings would simply be: San Marzamo tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese (from a water buffalo), more sliced mozzarella, basil with just the right sweetness and extra-virgin olive oil

  9. For my ideal pizza: thin crust topped with foie gras and steak and a hint of truffle honey. Mmmm.

  10. i can't like blackbird farms. i can only add them as a friend in Facebook.

    anyways for the blackbird farms question:

    For 100g feta cheese. hmmmm

    ill have it on my pizza ala greek style with chicken and olive and FETA with cherry tomatoes.

    the simpler the better =D

  11. Blackbird farms: I will use the feta for my spicy tuyo pasta with arugula and feta.

  12. For Bigoli, I'll keep things simple. I'll have the best parma ham money could buy, marinara sauce made from organic ingredients, fresh mozzarella from water buffaloes, fresh basil, kalamata olives and yellow bell peppers. Stone oven baked to awesomeness. /me drools

    For Blackbird, I'm making a moussaka with generous amounts of feta. Less bechamel and more feta! Then I'm eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Possibly breakfast the next day is there's still more.

  13. My ideal pizza would be one that reeks of the ocean.

    Anchovies from Italy, sardines from Norway, freshly catched tuna from Gen San, a little bit of Tokyo sashimi here and there, slices of Tinapa from Siargao and aligue from Davao.

    It would be nice also to add the 2 things in life I love the most: my cat Minnie and my boyfriend Gabby.

    So it's everything I love from the sea, slices of Minnie, a cup of Gabby and layers of white cheese imported from Spain.

    ooh.. if only you can eat the people you love right? It's evidence of our yearning to consume the things that we love the most and yes that includes having pizza everyday! Cheers!

  14. WINNERS for this week are:

    ISEL for the 100g of FETA from Blackbird Farms--I love Moussaka so this answer definitely caught my eye!

    MARIEL FERRER for the 5 CG's for Pizza and Pasat Combo meals from Ristorante Bigoli--You won because I found your answer funny and just a tad bit strange! You sure you don't REALLY eat people? (jk!)

    Please email me your home addresses at CONGRATULATIONS!

    To those who didn't win- I'm announcing my prizes for week 2 TOMORROW morning! You still have chances to win! Please spread the word to your friends too!

  15. oops GC's and pizza and pasta! (sorry i came from a long trip and it's late ;p)

  16. Wooohooo! Feta! I'll tweet you photos once I'm done making the moussaka. Also, email sent. :D

  17. MARIEL FERRER, I haven't heard from you! If I don't by tomorrow, someone else will get the prize :)

  18. Hi Erica! So glad I won! I've never won anything before:) except for a gravy bowl I won in an office Christmas party haha :) i'll email you my address in a bit!