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Monday, November 28, 2011


Week 4 Winners:

The Winner of the TRUFFLES & MORE Sampler Set is DASH!

The winner of the P1000GC from OPUS is SASSY G

Congrats guys. Please email me at> Sassy G need your address to send your GC and DASH on how we can arrange for you to pick up your truffle sampler pack!

This week, I am giving away a P500 Gift Certificate for Gino's Pizza!

This yummy pizza is the only one you will find along Katipunan that is not "junky" the way a lot of pizza chains are. My family and I love going there because of the fresh ingredients and authentic pizza taste (read, less american, more italian) Plus, you can bring your own wine and drink it while eating. Pizza and a bottle of red is one of the best combinations ever! Don't forget to end the night with their crack pie! All you have to do for a chance to win is answer this in the comments section of this post:Aside from Mozzarella, what CHEESE do you like on your pizza and why?

The 2nd awesome prize for Week 5 is a sweet AND yummy treat! I first saw Mochiko at Mercato Centrale on the day it opened but didn't get to try their mochi ice cream for a long time because it was always sold out! I finally got to try the avocado and coffee flavors eventually and I have been a fan ever since. The avocado especially, because of it's authentic taste! This week, you get the chance to win a half dozen Mochiko ice cream mochis! Simply click on the comments link and answer this question: Who would you share your MOCHIKO mochi with and why?

Contest ends Saturday, Dec 3 at 11:59 PM GOOD LUCK!!!!


  1. Who would you share your MOCHIKO mochi with and why? My 4-year-old son, Matty, who fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) inherited my sweet tooth. But since there's half a dozen to go around, I'll share it with the entire family--my parents and my 7 younger siblings. :) We grew up dividing everything equally among ourselves, most especially desserts, so everyone gets a taste. So nobody's going to mind sharing half a Mochiko ice cream mochi with someone else. :)

  2. When I hear the word Mochi, only one person enters my mind and that would be my eating slash lamon buddy Arianne. I told her about Mochiko a few weeks back and when we first tried it at Mercato, we both had the reaction of pausing for a while after our first bite and having that I-Want-More look. Mochiko is the combination of our two favorite sweet treats - the very chewy glutinous rice and the delightful creamy ice cream which is why it's one of the best desserts for our palette. Normally Mochiko is our final stop in Mercato cause we want it to be the last taste we have before leaving the Saturday morning food central. We have this goal of trying all the flavors and I hope that this entry would help us achieve our sweet little mission! :-)

  3. Gino's - I like bleu cheese on my pizza just because of the different 'kick' it gives. I like how it stands out on my favorite quattro formaggi in terms of smell, sight, and definitely taste. It really stands out among the rest even with other rather bland pizza toppings I've tried it with such as chicken.

    Mochiko - I would share this with my Japanese friends who I met during my three-month exchange student stint in Chiba around four years ago. Since the concept of mochi or mochi ice cream is authentically theirs, I want to share with them how Filipino entrepreneurs can tweak foreign creations with our own twist, while keeping the authenticity.

  4. Mochiko: I'd share them with my boss who, deep down, in his heart of hearts, loves sweets. I'll let him take a bite out of a fresh-from-the-freezer mochi without any warning. Well, you know what they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Amirite? XD (Seriously though, I think he'd secretly love it.)

  5. Cheddar - I like cheddar on my pizza because it reminds me of what Christmas is all about and how it is to be a kid again. When I was young, I thought all cheeses are equal and cheddar was the only cheese there is! I was surprised they get different and they increase in number as one grows older! Cheddar gives the food full flavor and that light, child-like yumminess.

    Mochiko - If there's one person I would share my Mochiko with, it would be my best bud Leggo. The first time we tried Mochiko was at the Cliffhouse in Tagaytay. He was in love with everything Japanese. So despite walking for a whole in the chilly Tagaytay air earlier this month, we munched on their Cookie dough flavor when we dropped by the Cliffhouse. It was a literally "heavenly experience" (as it made us feel colder than we already are) but we sure had a lot of laughs because of this. I'd surely share the Mochi pack with him and the rest of my family too!

    Mochiko -

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  7. I would share my Mochiko Mochi Ice Cream with ---- MYSELF! It's too delicious I just can't have enough of it!

  8. *Aside from Mozzarella, what CHEESE do you like on your pizza and why?
    I'd say Quickmelt. When I need a quick and cheap pizza fix, I grab some pandesal rounds, slice them in half, slather with basic tomato sauce, grate some Quickmelt over them, sprinkle with oregano, basil and/or thyme , and pop them in the oven. Voila! Simple but yummy pizza! :)

    *Who would you share your MOCHIKO mochi with and why?
    I'd share my Mochiko stash with my husband who has been an ever-patient and ever-supportive presence as I drag him to all the corners of the metro to try, buy and gobble up food. Since he's an avid fan of Avocado, this will serve as a wonderful "Thank you!" gift. (And if Mochiko also has Pistachio mochi, that would make the treat even more complete for him!)

  9. I'd like kesong puti on my pizza for a varied texture and saltiness blending with the other ingredients/toppings, like Gino's Bianca Verde...

    And I'd gladly share my Mochiko mochi with YOU coz you're so generous in sharing these gastronomic treats with us : )

  10. Who would you share your MOCHIKO mochi with and why?

    I would have to say, my girlfriend. She's one of the reasons I get to try this delightful frozen treat. And who would be better to share the joys of life with? I can never think of anyone else who would enjoy eating this truly one of a kind desert. And I would never get enough of talking about the food we enjoy afterwards. Ü

  11. I'd like feta cheese on my pizza! It would add a special kind of zing to the pizza and it would also represents a fusion of Italian and Greek cuisine!

  12. I'd share Mochiko with my husband. I bet there's nothing like Mochiko on his Mindanao deployment! :) I want us to have Mochiko together this December when he comes home. :)

  13. Who would you share your MOCHIKO mochi with and why?

    I would share my mochiko mochi with my special someone because it's so yummy and fun to eat. I know that we're going to enjoy eating it together...

  14. Who would you share your MOCHIKO mochi with and why?

    I would definitely be sharing it with the two Little Ones. In fact they can have it all if they want. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their sweet little faces light up when they eat something that they really love, and they love Mochiko very much. Hope I win so that I can treat them to more mochi and see their sweet smiles :)

  15. Who would you share your MOCHIKO mochi with and why?
    I want to share it with my honeybunchkin, my partner in food adventure ;)

  16. I would most definitely share the indescribable Mochiko with the person who's basically a personification of these wonderful mochi ice cream balls - YUMMY, MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH GOODNESS, QUICK COOL FIX, TIMELESS, SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST TYPE. Who am I talking about? Oh shush it, it's me you silly! :p

    Seriously though, I would looooove to share these mochi balls to my family who else? That's half a dozen of mochi goodness that is pretty much "fitting" for our family! My mom, my dad, me, my brother Anthony, my little sister Jaja and my youngest but the biggest amongst us brother Jolo! See? It is super meant for our gastronomic consumption! I strongly believe that the family that enjoys ice cream together, stays sweet and cool forever!!!

    As for the pizza, hmmm. I think I would love to dream of eating a pizza generously topped with the kind of cheese I don't usually find in any other pizzeria. Say I fantasize that it is adorned with white stilton (the one with cranberry), top hat cheddar (the red one), a bit of cabrales, bits and pieces of asiago cheese (young), brie de meaux, raclette and manchego! Just the picture of this pizza in my head is making me drooool and I can almost feel the intense flavors swimming in my mouth! I would love my pizza to be very tasty and rich in texture with that extra kick of dynamic play in the kinds of cheese! I think I would have to end my post now and get a 4-cheese pizza to satiate my hunger "for the moment". :p