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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: Butter me up!

Been doing some kitchen experiments on different flavored butters lately and I'm having so much fun!So far, the people who have tried them have loved them and some have asked if I'm selling! I hadn't thought of it yet, as I was going to give these out as Christmas presents but we'll see! Few more tests!

Rosemary and Sage Bacon butter.Probably super awesome with steak, mixed into mashed potatoes or even just with toast (an alternative to garlic bread!)

Sun dried tomato and basil. Ananda really liked this!

Chili-Coriander and Calamansi butter. Had this last night with baked dory. Yummy.

Fish with chili-coriander-calamansi butter.

I can imagine this maple, cinnamon brown sugar butter with french toast, pancakes and I had it with toast yesterday and it's a great afternoon snack!

Here are the ones I've made- tried them all with toast to get their real flavors.

Clockwise from bottom center: Sun dried tomato basil, Maple cinnamon brown sugar, Chocolate peanut butter bacon (yes I did it!), Rosemary sage bacon, Cranberry Almond, and Honey Vanilla Cashew.

Ananda's picks: Honey Vanilla Cashew (in fact she's having this for breakfast with toast!) and Sun dried Tomato
Erica's picks: Maple Cinnamon brown sugar, Chocolate Peanut butter bacon and Rosemary sage bacon


  1. Hi Erica, you're my kitchen inspiration! I tried making adobo with rosemary and I super loved it!

  2. Oh wow! Sell them for Christmas, Aycs. They look super good. :)

  3. Hey Cat thanks! I'm still thinking about it bec I haven't even started thinking about costing, packaging etc!!!

    Mella- Thank You!!!

  4. You're so brilliant! These all look so tasty, I wish I could taste them from my screen. Your daughter is so lucky. :)

    Babe For Food - your new BFF in Cebu dining.

  5. hi! is it ok to ask for yer recipe of the Rosemary and Sage Bacon Butter and your onion jam too? hehe. I'd like to make them for my family this new year. hope you don't mind. thnks! :)