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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kitschen Chaos x 8: GRILLED CHEESE SHOWDOWN 2011

How to have an awesome Grilled Cheese party:

1. Invite dope people who like to eat as much as you do. To be more specific, people who would not think twice about stabbing your hand if you tried to reach over to grab the cheese they brought to make their sandwiches.

2. Have something not cheesy to munch on while assembling your grilled cheeses.

Rae excused herself from grilled cheese duties and instead brought smoked duck salad. Forgiven!

3. Bring your A Game

Marco's cream cheese, cheddar and pastrami grilled in tarragon butter.

Sarah's raclette and honey grilled in cranberry almond butter.

Dee Jae's Inverted baguette with gouda, apple, bacon mustard, rocket, salami and honey grilled cheese.

Banj's Vegetarian "bacon" grilled cheese with mozzerella and baconette strips.

I didn't get a photo of Sassa and Nix's Jalapeno-Bacon-Cream Cheese and "Unicorn Tears" grilled cheeses aka Brie, apple, honey and truffle oil.

Unfortunately, Since I was giving out the prize, I couldn't be part of the showdown. Not one to bow down to anyone though, specially not in the kitchen, so I spent the afternoon making onion jam for my superduperawesome sandwich.

My ingredients: Batard, Goat Cheese, Onion Jam and Bacon-Sage-Rosemary Butter.

My goat cheese, onion jam on batard and grilled in bacon-sage-rosemary butter.

And the winner is...Sassa (fine fine and Nix) who got to take home a dozen of my Birthday Cafe cupcakes!

'Til next time Cheese Heads!

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