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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fast food for the famished: Ristorante Bigoli

I usually steer clear from anything that is remotely like fast food unless it's THAT time of the month or I have no other choice. Although, Ristorante Bigoli is not REALLY fast food the way say McDonald's is, I usually would probably still pick sushi over it if I needed to eat at the mall.

The thing is, I also have a 7 year old kid, one whose palate sometimes surprises me (her love for blue cheese for instance)but other times can be so predictable. And believe me kids always like a hot, gooey pizza or pasta noodles. It is a SURE SHOT.

So, when thy invited me over to try their food, I obliged. Like I said, my own palate has a range that goes from foie gras parfait to squid balls on the street. Don't discriminate, as I always say, because once a month when you are PMSing, a double cheeseburger at Mickey D's may sound more appealing than any gourmet food.

Bigoli is the former Fazoli's...with a bigger and improved menu.

Breaded Dory with lemon butter sauce and pasta on the side.

Not a big fan of pesto, never have been, but if you like it, you should try the Italian chicken and pesto meal. I found the chicken to be a bit too "herby" they could tone it down a bit.

Strombolis_ or rolled up pizzas will definitely be a hit with kids. They are easy to eat and come with a yummy sauce.

Lastly, I had the creamy tomato pasta, made with "bigoli" noodles which are like spaghetti noodles but fatter and with holes in the middle so it becomes like a tube. This enables more sauce to get in--and more sauce is always good in my book!

So next time I'm in Eastwood and the little girl is hungry, I know where to go :)

Ristorante Bigoli is located at the old Eastwood, right in front of the activity center (the old Fazoli's)

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