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Monday, November 21, 2011


Congratulations to the following for Winning the prizes for Week 3:

The pint of PINKERTON Red Velvet goes to: Kamille!The simplicity of chewy sweet bits of yems in top quality vanilla ice cream got me! There were some others that sounded amazing, but she actually ALREADY has some flavors that others suggested.

The 1000peso GC for Rue Bourbon goes to Marie. Your story made me laugh. Enjoy your Gumbo!

This week gets a bit decadent!

First, do you love the night life, or simply adore really good food? Now you can indulge yourself and order items from their creative menu for dinner, cure a hangover in style and take part in their all day Sunday brunch, or even just get all dolled up and get yourself a few drinks coz I'm giving away a P1000 GC to OPUS! All you have to do is go to my comments box and answer this:

What is your PERFECT night out with your friends?

The 2nd prize is for the budding home cook, or someone that just has a taste for the finer things in life. If you love the taste of TRUFFLE or have never had it and want to try it, you will definitely want the Sampler Pack of White truffle oil, truffle honey and truffle salt I have from Truffles & More. To win this, LIKE the Truffles & More page on Facebook and answer this question on my comments page:

What is the MOST INDULGENT way you would use your truffle products (specify honey, salt or oil-or all)?

Remember you can try your luck for BOTH prizes but you will only be able to win ONE.

You have until 11:59 PM of Saturday, November 26. GOOD LUCK!


  1. Truffle oil drizzled over lobster risotto - YUM!!! But because I can't, for the life of me, make decent risotto, I'll use it for breakfast - drizzled on top of scrambled, poached, or soft-boiled eggs. :)

  2. Truffle oil and salt on my popcorn! It makes the simple snack 1000x better, great while watching a movie or while reading a good book :)

  3. A drizzle of honey is a delicious addition to any cheese plate and I heard that truffle honey adds a deeply earthy element that takes the palate to new places.

    The most indulgent (yet simplest) way I could think of using truffle honey would be by sprinkling a few drops over various cheeses and maybe on slices of farmers bread.

  4. I would jazz up plebeian comfort food with truffles: a few drops of truffle oil over the boiled peanuts (or maybe even the truffle salt), crispy garlic fried rice with truffle salt and cheese sticks (the Pinoy kind) drizzled with truffle honey.

  5. It would just be somewhere I can go to connect with people, preferably some close friends I can talk with and some new faces to add some interest. Great food, drinks and music is a must. These are just the delightful garnish to human interaction on a good night out.

  6. For truffle products, ill start with an appetizer of deviled eggs with truffle oil and some vegetable sticks . For the main course, a good cut of steak with just salt and pepper and then drizzled with truffle oil at the last minute, accompanied with parmesan crusted portabello mushrooms, also drizzled with the truffle oil and truffle salt. To be truly indulgent and put yourself into food coma, garlic mashed potatoes with truffle salt for those looking for carbs. For dessert, something light like sliced apples, candied walnuts or pecans with selection of cheese and truffle honey in the middle for drizzling, and for whoever would want to live life to the fullest, a decadent chocolate cake with caramel sauce!

  7. we're the kind of barkada who can just hang out anywhere and still have a good time. but there's one thing na never nawawala during gathering: photoshoot!! (it's not actually photoshoot, we just love the idea of posing and mimicking those that we see on EDSA billboards and America's Next Top Model). formal shots, emo shots, wacky shots... you name it. we're so addicted to taking pictures of ourselves that everytime we get together, we always end up uploading more than hundreds of photos on facebook. i remember there was one time, we actually rented a hotel room in makati only to convert it to a studio. funny, each one of us had her own theme, complete with costumes. no, we're not showbiz-wanna-bes, it's just's fun to see those photos after a day of harutan. but of course, it's not all about picture-taking, we also make sure we'll be able to spill out the latest news and tsismis naman before everyone goes home.haha! basically, we don't plan, we just meet and then, bahala na. so my idea of a perfect night out is just about fun fun fun. the last time we met was last weekend at Bon Chon Ayala Triangle. and yeah, we had a lot of pictures under the vibrant lights there. : D

  8. The Winner of the TRUFFLES & MORE Sampler Set is DASH!

    The winner of the P1000GC from OPUS is SASSY G

    Congrats guys. Please email me at> Sassy G need your address to send your GC and DASH on how we can arrange for you to pick up your truffle sampler pack!