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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Restaurant RANT: I love Peanut Butter but... doesn't need to be put on every damn thing. To be fair to them, I know I walked into my own trap. I mean, the place is called Peanut Butter Company, what did I expect? Like I said, I love peanut butter as much as the next PMSing woman, but I don't want it in my "classic" spaghetti and I definitely don't want peanut butter in my BLT.

Let's start with what I liked:

The Elvis aka a banana peanut butter and bacon sandwich. This was good. It'd not the first time I've had this but I myself have done peanut butter and bacon chocolate truffles so I knew I would like this.

In terms of liking things, this is a no brainer. It's peanut butter and fluffy marshmallow creme, what's not to like? Its toothache-level sweet tho so just get half.

What I didn't like:

The "Classic" spaghetti. Ananda took one bite and refused to eat the rest. See, I like peanut sauce. I think it's great with noodles even. But maybe a hint of spice would have saved this, coz it just tasted like spaghetti noodles... with peanut butter.

BLT... with peanut butter. Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck.

Hey, no one can accuse me of being unadventurous with food (read all my blog posts) but this was just...NO.

Their creamed corn was also equally gross. It was basically corn in a sweet creamy sauce. If im not mistaken it's advertised as a garlic cream sauce? Bleh.

I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon...except maybe to grab half a pb and marshmallow creme sandwich :D

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