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Monday, May 28, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London: Barrio North

This is my last London post! Sorry if I've bombarded you all with posts from LA, Baguio and London and not many cooking posts or local reviews---I really have been in and out the past few months and next up I'll be going to Cambodia! While I'm not really a fan of their food (from my last visit) I'm willing to give it another chance.

Anyway, Barrio North-> it's a cute, kitschy little bar in Angel (North London) and I decided to have my birthday eve celebration here because it sounded and looked like such a fun place. It looked like Cinco de Mayo in LA exploded all over it... in a good way if you can imagine that. My friend Bianca said she had her birthday shebang there a couple years before so I knew I was in good hands.

Drinks were yummy and relatively cheap (about 6-8 quid a cocktail) I wanted to try everything but I got drunk after 6 so I couldn't haha.

Yummi Gummi I think this was called. SO good. I think I tried half their drink selection that night. They were all yum!

Earlier in the night--> andee and rodney making friends hehe

Everyone's chillin. DJ is playing good music.

We stayed by the trailer park. I wanted the caravan! haha!

With stylist Patrick Galang---he's gonna launch is magazine-Policy-very soon!

Last time I saw Andee was in sydney---before she left 2 years ago!

I love handwritten cards. Sadly, I don't get enough of them!

Missy and Faisal <3

Bianca and Ayian gettin' down

Right when the clock struck 12. I'm 33!!!!

The obligatory birthday shot. No tequila for me ever. If you are my friend, you will honor that. LOL Except Patron XO, that I can do.

London-based Pinoy designer Lesley Mobo <3

Tipsy and Giggly on the way home.

with my lovey Rodney! Miss you already!

I ended my night on a disgusting note...eating 2 dollar fried chicken from PFC--one of those late night, drunk people take away spots that just hit the spot when you've had too much alcohol. At that moment though, it was the best thing I ever ate haha.

It's the end of May now so one last... Happy Birthday to me. 33 years of terrorizing humanity :D

Next up...Cambodia <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traveling Tummy: London-Tayyabs

Tayyabs is one of those places you line up for...rain or shine, in heat or cold, because the food is delicious, authentic and cheap. It was the perfect setting for my birthday dinner and last night in London.

It's located in East London, a place most tourists don't venture to, but that's all about to change when the Olympics happen in July. When I was in London in 2005, I lived for months close to this place and never went. What was wrong with me? 

Anyway, come in clothes you plan to wash or don't need to wear the next day-it will reek of food smell, I swear!

Great way to cap off a great trip :)

Chicken Tikka and Lamb Chops- I wanted more than one chop, but there were 4 chops and 4 of us haha. Yes, I do have some shame. Also, this was the same day I ate at Guanabana so I was still a little bit full.

I think this was Karahi Chicken. The food here is a bit spicy so if you are sensitive to this, order a side of yogurt to kill the heat a little bit.

This was some sort of dhal. I've never been a dhal fan so I didn't eat this. oops.

Big chunks of Paneer. Yummy.

Roti, Naan and dipping sauces.

Nice to see you again Missy! See you in November :)

My darling Rodney with Faisal :)
  Writing about Tayyabs at 1 am was not a very good idea...specially now that I'm on a 1200 calorie per day diet.  

Tayyabs is located at 83-89 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1JU Tel nos: 020 7247 9543 / 020 7247 6400/ 020 7247 8521 Closest tube stations are Aldgate East and Whitechapel

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London: Portobello Market

Last time I visited Portobello Market was 2005 when I was in London for my short course. I was dying to go back to find little cute things for my new apartment. When I went last, I bought a 1930's camera for about 20 pounds and it still worked. I wanted things to hang on my walls or maybe vintage plates and such.

It was a cold and wet day that Saturday we went, and right when we got off at the Notting Hill station, I was already kind of regretting that we went, mostly because of the sheer amount of people that were there. But we soldiered through it and although there were so many things I wanted, I ended up not buying anything.

But first--> Breakfast! Ricotta Pancakes with creme fraiche and fresh strawberries

My once-again very gracious hosts Missy and Faisal. Missy is my college friend and Faisal's her fiance! Can't wait for the wedding in November!

Fruit puree with Riesling (our version of mimosas with what we had haha)

My eggs rothko with a layer of mushroom-rosemary cream sauce and topped with mature cheddar.
After brunch, we trekked over to the market (I saw trekked because Missy lives on the other side of London, but really, it's not too far) 

I wanted to get that deer head for the house! But it was like 40 quid womp womp!

Cool stamps! There were so many and I was lazy to go through every single one. Abdul got a few nice ones here a few years ago.

I wanted to bring this girl home with me but she was almost 100 pounds!

More old cameras!!!

Loved the plates but I didn't know how I was supposed to bring them home. Every time I'm in London I miss the 50kg limit going to and from the States! How do I fit everything in 20kg!!!

To be honest, Portobello has gotten really commercialized in the past few years and there are a lot of stalls selling China-made clothes and such. I guess it's worth a visit still if you are a first timer in Londontown! :)

Dinner was Angulas (The real kind, not the pretend kind we have here hehe) with baguette and goat's cheese. Happy Tummy!

Aaaand roasted tomato soup. I usually add sugar to cut through the acidity but the tomatoes we bought were so sweet it didn't need it! Bon Appetit!

Missing London already...again. Hope I have a reason to go back soon. 

To get to Portobello Market, get off at the Notting Hill gate tube station and follow the crowd. Promise you won't get lost!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London-Birthday Meal: Guanabana

Some days are just totally perfect.

I woke up really early on May 7, my birthday, because the sun was so bright. YES. The sun was SO BRIGHT. After 6 days of grey and gloom, London decided to smile down on me...for a couple hours. By 930, it started drizzling and looked like the weather was going back to what it was from the day I got there but those couple hours of sunshine put me in a great mood despite the hangover from my birthday celebration the night before (more on that in my next entry)

My friend Lani, who I met in London last year via twitter (yes, social networking bring some pretty cool people into your life) asked to take me out for lunch on my birthday at her friend's restaurant in Camden. I remember her mentioning Guanabana to me last year but I didn't get to go. Glad I got to pay a visit this time because I left stuffed, happy and filled with good conversation. 

My photos are not in order. Sorry! I had the lamb burger for lunch. See that white thing? That's a whole slice of goat cheese. I was in heaven. Cheese fries on the side.

Yes, I use my Galaxy Tab as a phone when I travel. It looks so silly haha! With Lani and with owner and new foodie friend Omar!

The menu at Guanabana.

Virgin Mojito. No alcohol served here but you can bring your own. After my drinking binge the night before, this virgin drink was exactly what I needed. I wanted to drink the entire pitcher. It was so refreshing!

Adobo knuckle beef street taco. Tender beef, sour cream, feta. I could have ordered 3 of these and made a meal out of it!

Chicken Chicharrones-served with hot sauce.

Omar brought over a brownie with a candle! For my birthday! I was so happy :) Thanks Omar!!!! The brownie was nice and gooey btw, the way I like it!

Thank You Lani, for introducing me to this place!

Thank you Omar for the birthday meal and the great foodie conversation. The three of us ended up talking for over three hours! 

Guanabana is located at 85 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London NW1 
Telephone: 0207 485 1166

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London: Borough Market Revisited

Revisited more than once I must add! Borough Market is a staple for me when I'm in London. It's home to every single type of cuisine you might fancy (OK maybe not every single but a great selection!) There are booths that sell the awesomest looking veggies, fresh pastas, truffle products, cakes, pies, Turkish delight, chorizo, raclette---> yes the list goes on and on and on. You will most likely check your wallet later on and realize that you spent more than you wanted to, but if you are a visitor like me, then consider it money well spent.

Why oh why can't we have a good selection of fresh mushrooms in Manila. That's my biggest frustration! And when we do have it, it's mad expensive!

Different truffle products! Oils, honey etc for good prices too. I think the oil was only 5 quid.

Will make even the most adamant veggie hater want to eat vegetables!

I wanna live in London just for stuff like this (well, that's a lie. I love it period! but the produce does help!)

Yummy!I know merengue is technically big fluffy clouds of sugar but they are so good and comforting the future sugar crash is worth it!

Ended up with this for lunch. Lamb in a baguette with harissa, aioli and some veggies. YUMMO.

Too cute to eat <3

More truffle products! I got this honey last year. It was worth the 9 quid! pretty cheap for the amount I got. My friends enjoyed it to (yes I shared!)

CHEESE! Just one of the many kinds you'll spot at Borough Market!

Raclette! Omg, you can smell this stinky cheese from outside. So so so good served on top of potatoes and gherkins. I didn't get this on this trip though.

Don't feel like raclette but want cheese? the same booth sells grilled cheese sandwiches. One of the best I've had EVER.
  If you are in London, don't miss out on Borough Market. You'll totally regret it when you get home and people tell you what you DIDN'T eat! Closest station is London Bridge. Then walk over to Tate Modern and see if there's an exhibit. A whole afternoon solved :)