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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Out of the Kitschen: Boo! My favorite day of the year!

Because like I've said many times before, I actually do other things aside from cook and eat (unbelievable, I know, but here is more proof!)

Forget my birthday, forget Christmas... it's all about Halloween in my book! I love dressing up and seeing everyone's costumes and if it were up to me, Halloween would happen every month! Here's what happened at KYSS that night at the Freaks,Geeks and Punks Halloween Rager!

Vicky in full Dia de los muertos garb and Patring as Sto. Nino! (a drunk Sto. Nino lol)

Sarah as Morticia and Banj as Gomez Addams (Gomez being the host of the night)

Dee Jae = LMFAO and Abdul as a scarily realistic rocker dude!

One of my favorite costumes! Chrizo as a car freshener! hahaha!

And this year, I decided to go as a Fafinette, one of the girls created by French street artist Fafi.

Want a taste of what we had last week? Come through to KYSS tonight...we'll all be there for Banj's birthday and dope music! Minus the costumes, but hey, if you do come in one, I'll be jealous!

All Love Thursdays at KYSS (5343 Gen. Luna St.Makati-across A.Venue)
Strictly Hip Hop, Party Classics, Dancehall, & Dope Sh*t!
Hosted by Banj Billions, A Cut Above, & the Bodyrock Crew
Music by: DJ Jedi, SuperMikki & Nix Damn P

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