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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: What's in my Kitchen

I am doing the Juju Cleanse today, and like any other time I cleanse or fast, I find myself either sitting in the kitchen, cooking or looking at food on the Internet. I probably need to find some other thing to do aside from inflict torture on myself this way, but I can't help it. The kitchen gives me comfort, even when I can't eat anything in it. And if I can't, I might as well feed other people!

Here are some of the things that have passed through my kitchen (on the way to people's bellies) the past couple weeks:

Blackbird Farms sent me a bunch of their cheese to try so one night, I had a mini baguette, sun dried tomato pesto, goat cheese and basil for dinner.

Ananda's new favorite food. Spicy Chicken stew. It was a tomato based stew with a bit of heat, and packed with other good stuff like carrots and potatoes. I also added a bit of sharp cheddar into the mix. She ate like 3 pieces of chicken in one sitting!

While experimenting with yet another adobo recipe, I decided to try to make one that I could plate and serve in a restaurant, and voila! Basil-Tarragon Adobo on a bed of garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes. I usually can't eat after I cook, but I sat and ate this entire plate!

On a recent Grilled Cheese party at the house, I decided to use my favorite cheese for my super sandwich--GOAT CHEESE. I thought the sweetness of the onion jam would work well with the salty-tanginess of goat cheese so I made some of my own. I topped it off by grilling the sandwich in my home made bacon rosemary-sage butter.Win!

A few days after the Grilled Cheese party, I found left over ingredients in the fridge, enough for one sandwich. I used raclette, gouda, salami milano, honey and rocket and grilled it in sun dried tomato and basil butter (shown here ungrilled)

Yesterday I was bored so I (of course) decided to hang out in the kitchen and make something, anything. I ended up with Toasted polvoron

and also doing a pastillas experiment! Vanilla-Lemon and Maple Cinnamon brown Sugar pastillas!

Apple French Toast Cupcakes with Maple buttercream and cashews.

What to make this week? Any suggestions?

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