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Monday, November 7, 2011


Congrats to last week's winner's of Ristorante Bigoli GCs (Mariel Ferrer) and Blackbird Farms Feta (Isel) Please check the comments box of the Gastronomic Gifts Week 1 post for details on how to get in touch with me!

This week, I'm giving away 2 GCs (1 winner) for my FAVORITE tapa in the country- Angus beef tapa from JAM Foods. It has the right ratio of fat and meat and is so heavenly when eaten nice and toasted. The Angus Beef Tapa Lady at Mercato Centrale has been so kind as to giving out 2 meals from her booth. I'm giving both to one winner because A. You'll want another meal after your first or B. It's so good, you'll want your best friend of Significant Other to try it too :)

All you need to do is look for and LIKE Angus Beef Tapa Lady by Jam Food's FB page and answer this question in the comments section of this post: Aside from the usual Tapsilog, what is the MOST CREATIVE way you could use Angus Beef Tapa?

My second give away is a P500 GC from Malcom's Deli. I wrote about having brunch here with Abdul and REALLY loving their pancakes! In fact, I think I even said I thought they were the best damn pancakes in Manila!

To get a chance at winning this, make me hungry by telling me on the comments section of this post- what, for you, is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT breakfast?

Contest starts NOW and will go on until Saturday, November 12. I'll announce the winners on Sunday, November 13!

Good Luck!


  1. what, for you, is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT breakfast?

    French Vanilla Coffee, French Toast, Hashbrown, waffle with whip cream and chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries, Omelet and Bacon! :D

  2. perfect breakfast for me-- buffet!! an array of Pinoy kakanins like sapin-sapin, biko, guinataan, suman, ube halaya, puto and kutchinta + something foreign like pancakes with choco chip & blueberries, peanut butter toast, ham& mushroom omelette and sausages. Don't forget a cup of brewed coffee. Of course, what makes it even more perfect is if it's shared with the family. <3 nothing can ever beat that!

  3. what, for you, is the absolute perfect breakfast? a cup of hot mocha, pancakes top with delicious honey syrup, whipped cream and some blueberries. though honestly,i haven't tasted that kind of "extravagant" pancakes. i have only seen it on some travelling show but it would be a dream come true and sort of post-birthday gift (last October 30) for me. now to keep a balance taste (since it's all sweet stuff), i would love to have hashbrown and or omelet on the side :) #perfect

  4. Aside from the usual Tapsilog, what is the MOST CREATIVE way you could use Angus Beef Tapa?
    - there are many ways to actually make Angus Beef Tapa creative but the MOST creative i would have to say is use it for nacho with soft tacos. adding some sliced mango and melted cheese. i think it would be awesome. in fact my mouth watering now

  5. For the questions what is MOST CREATIVE WAY to use ANGUS BEEF Tapa and what is an ABSOLUTE BREAKFAST

    Just a thought

    Why don't we try making fluffy pancakes and then fry the Angus Beef Tapa real toasted making it look like a bacon, add scrambled eggs, hash browns or top it with fresh fruits plus try the usual 3 in 1 coffee add milo and we now have an absolute breakfast. :)

    Another way to use the Angus Beef Tapa is make it as a Pizza topping add button mushrooms and sour cream for its dip.

    Happy eating! :)

  6. perfect breakfast would be a Tapa and Bacon crepe with Arugula, Blue Cheese dressing with some green Papaya shreds and a hint of chilies. Dayap Ice tea to wash it down and Black Bean tapioca with Coconut Milk on top for dessert. or just go the simple way, Champorado with touches of heavy pandan flavored cream and smoked fish or tuyo.

  7. Five things about me:
    1. I am a breakfast person
    2. I have no issues about eating breakfast fare for lunch or dinner
    3. Bread is my sin of choice.
    4. I love to travel
    5. When I travel, it does not matter if I've barely slept...I WILL WAKE UP FOR BREAKFAST!

    I will never forget the simple but legit breakfast I would have at a dormitory mess hall in Paris - freshly made baguette, toasted then lathered with French butter. It must be the water in France, because baguettes made elsewhere just pale in comparison. Of course, you can never go wrong with REAL butter.

    The French are also known for making the best croissants, but a holiday in Buenos Aires lead me to discover that Porteños do it better! I (literally) still dream about the media lunas (half moons) in Buenos Aires, which comes in sweet and savoury. and

    When it's back to the real world, a stack of fluffy pancakes or waffles, would normally start my day right.

  8. MOST CREATIVE way you could use Angus Beef Tapa
    Aside from the usual tapsilog (whichI love, love love!) I'd use it on pasta and sandwich.

    what, for you, is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT breakfast?

    I love breakfast buffet. I wake up so late in the morning,by the time I get up I am famished so buffet is perfect. Hot coffee and a little bit of everything----congee, pancakes, fried rice, tapa, bacon, fruits, fresh fruit juice. Yum!

  9. Aside from the usual Tapsilog, what is the MOST CREATIVE way you could use Angus Beef Tapa?

    Its soo hard to be creative when all you want to do is to preserve the goodness it already is.

    I tried to imagine how it would taste like if its used as a burger patty, as a pizza topping, for pasta and even salad. But I can't imagine it to be more delicious without rice.

    Angus Beef Tapa is best eaten with rice, to really enjoy its juiciness and busting flavors. Now then add slices of tomatoes and onions. Suka (vinegar) and chili if needed. That's it!

  10. The breakfast of champions for me is still bacon and eggs, but done perfectly. The scrambled scrambled eggs (not the "patty" scrambled eggs) light and fluffy. The bacon is cooked in maple syrup but still crunchy. Also with a side of strawberry and cream cheese bruschetta. All that downed with a tall glass of cold milk. Yum! :D

  11. http://ubequesobananabread.blogspot.comNovember 12, 2011 at 11:33 PM

    what, for you, is the absolute perfect breakfast?

    hmm, my homemade yoghurt with bananas, mangoes and honey. :) Add some peanut butter sandwich on the side. Then drink tea with kalamansi. :)) A refreshing treat in the morning. ^_^

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  13. WINNERS!!!!

    For the 2 Angus beef tapa meals from the Angus Beef Tapa Lady at Mercato Centrale, the winner is knEEyah!

    For the P500 GC from Malcom's, the winner is Pia of

    Hey your names rhyme! Haha! Please email me your home addresses at so I can send your gcs!

    To the rest, you can join yet again THIS week (and for the next 6 weeks!) for a chance to win. The prizes stay good so don't worry, you'll get something awesome for sure!

    Thanks again!

  14. THe best beef in the world is in Argentina. NO discussion. I ate it when I was there and I felt a flavour I had never experienced. I was in one of those buenos aires apartments and I ordered a steak. Then you have to put ketchup on it and you have got yourself the best meal ever!