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Monday, November 14, 2011



For the 2 Angus beef tapa meals from the Angus Beef Tapa Lady at Mercato Centrale, the winner is knEEyah!

For the P500 GC from Malcom's Deli, the winner is Pia of

Please click on the comments section of Gastronomic Gifts Week 2 entry to see how to claim your goodies.

To the rest, you can join yet again THIS week (and for the next 6 weeks!) for a chance to win. The prizes stay good so don't worry, you'll get something awesome for sure!

Here are this week's giveaways:

The first is a pint of my favorite ice cream lately---Pinkerton's Red Velvet!I love how this smooth vanilla ice cream is mixed with chunks (and lots of them) of red velvet cake. For anyone who ever thought that vanilla is a boring flavor, think again- a good vanilla can stand on it's own AND it is THE perfect base for experimentation! Love this ice cream... which reminds me, I must order again soon.

Just LIKE Pinkerton's page on Facebook and then click on the comments link of THIS page and answer this question: What is the most creative, imaginative and delicious ice cream flavor you can think of? Be original and describe in detail please!

The second prize this week will allow you tastes of new cocktail concoctions and N'awlins inspired cuisine. My two girls and I enjoyed our meal here about a month ago, and now you can get the chance to try out their food too. One lucky winner will get a P1000 GC to RUE BOURBON!

To win, Just LIKE Rue Bourbon's page on Facebook and then click on the comments link of THIS page and answer this question: Which New Orleans inspired food would you most like to try and why?

You have until Saturday 11:59pm to give me a great answer! Please specify which prize you want before answering. Good Luck!


  1. My favorite comfort food is Banana with a lot of Nutella on it. I think the perfect ice cream flavor would be Banana Nutella. If you turn it can also make the perfect milkshake for the kids!

  2. I never get tired of eating yema, yep I'm talking about the delectable custard candies made out of the simple concoction of condensed milk, butter, egg yolks, and occasionally, bits of peanuts. I imagine soft bits of it mixed in vanilla ice cream!

  3. i looooove anything with bacon.. so without even thinking about it i would love a chocolate flavored ice cream with crunchy bacon bits! that would be my ultimate dream flavor! yum!!

  4. Pinkerton Ice Cream!

    Right now, I'm craving for Matcha Green Tea and Leche Flan marbled ice cream with caramel drizzle, toffee brittle and leche flan bits.

    I know it sounds weird. But those 2 are the flavors I order on top of the other in scooping stations :) hehe yum!

  5. White Chocolate Lavender Honeycomb - I actually had Pinkerton make ice cream out of the box of lavender I got from HK. Another would be Olive Oil with Balsalmic Strawberries.

    I'd like to try Maggie Beer's Quince & Bitter Almond Ice Cream (even if I've never had quince before!)

  6. Would Donuts and Coffee ice cream be interesting enough? Not only is this flavor easy to achieve but also rather simple to make. The ice cream base could be flavored with instant coffee granules cooked with milk before incorporating the eggs, sugar, and heavy cream. Then chunks of crumbled marbled crullers (fried twisted stick doughnuts) or glazed bicho-bicho would be added when the mixture is firm enough right before the (re)packing into an airtight container and the final freezing. So, there... frozen breakfast! :)

  7. I havent eaten anything #sosyalnafood. D kasi kami can afford- so sad...

  8. Lol miss/mr annonymous, that answer isn't gonna get you a chance at the prizes, if you answer properly, maybe you'll win :)

  9. i always wanted to try jambalaya and cajun food, but I find it hard to find a best restaurant that offers both. These dishes appear to be so colorful that they're so tempting to eat. with those sumptuous ingredients -seafood,meat,and rice all in one dish - who would say no to any of these meals?

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  11. Gumbo! it was shown in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. John Kelso visited Jim Williams in jail, who was accused of murder, and John (played by John Cusack) a big tub of Gumbo, brown and looking all so delicious with Jim eating with a plastic spoon. There was a third character in the scene and that was the Gumbo.

  12. WINNERS:

    The pint of PINKERTON Red Velvet goes to: Kamille!The simplicity of chewy sweet bits of yems in top quality vanilla ice cream got me! There were some others that sounded amazing, but she actually ALREADY has some flavors that others suggested.

    The 1000peso GC for Rue Bourbon goes to Marie. Your story made me laugh. Enjoy your Gumbo!

  13. Winners: Please email me your home addresses and full names at Thanks!