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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Restaurant Review: Just Thai

I've been on this Asian food phase lately, and all I want to eat are flavorful, saucy or soupy foods paired with rice. I had dinner with good friend, and make-up artist extraordinaire Jigs Mayuga the other night and we ended up at this Thai place while walking around Burgos Circle. I kinda sorta wanted to stop at Cafe Juanita but we kept walking and saw this.

Cute signage outside. Simple.

The decor was cute and kitschy at the same time. It's a bit dim in there so if you like to take food photos, you probably won't get awesome ones.

Whenever I'm at a Thai restaurant, I always zone in on Tom Kha Gai. It's one of my favorite soups in the world. It's a chicken-galangal-coconut milk soup that is so good and so comforting that I actually prefer it (SOMETIMES) to my all-time favorite arroz caldo. This particular one though, was a bit diluted, and according to jigs, was also lacking slightly in flavor. I was a bit disappointed and only had one small bowl (I can usually finish a whole order of this)

Of course, we had to get Pad Thai. I wasn't really in the mood for noodles, but we were with Ananda and I figured aside from Pandan Chicken, this is probably the only other thing she'll eat. We already ordered two chicken dishes so we went for this. Even if I wasn't looking for noodles at the time, I enjoyed this way more than the disappointing soup. Ananda found it too spicy though, so warning for parents out there who bring their kids here.

Jigs also ordered the Green Chicken Curry--again, one of my favorites. Maybe it's because my mom and I make this at home, but I was once more underwhelmed by this dish. It was ok, but nothing special. It was also the most expensive thing we ordered (not that expensive at P320), but I felt it wasn't worth it. Jusko Thai!

All in all, it was a forgettable meal, only made worth it by the fact that I finally got to kick it with my gay boyfriend, Jigs.

Just Thai is located at Burgos Circle Forbes Town Rd., Burgos Circle, Global City. For reservations, call 403-8718


  1. Hey Aycs,

    I read your entry on Smoke and I tried it recently.
    Thanks for the tip! We had the sizzling bulalo and I still fantasize about it :D

    Biba :)

  2. Awesome! I love smoke! Specially when Im drunk haha!