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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Two: Robot the second time around

I had a meeting at Robot last Friday, and since my daughter had been begging me to take her there, for reasons I couldn't understand ("Kaya said there's a magician"-Ananda...and guess what, there really is a waiter who does magic tricks)I decided to take her there early for dinner.

My new favorite soup-- Pumpkin Nori soup, served in a martini glass. This is super yummy, even Ananda liked it and it's usually so hard for me to get her to eat anything made of vegetables.

The little girl had tempura. It was ok. I've had much better elsewhere. Skip this, unless you are below 8 years old and don't want anything else on the menu.

The fish tacos with salsa and cilantro aioli were actually good. I just wish the fish itself was seasoned a little, because if you took out the salsa and aioli, it didn't really taste like anything.

Chicken yakitori. Ananda had one, she said it was too dry. Can't judge coz I didn't taste it.

The Future ;p

Sorry for the photos. Robot has good lighting for people but not so much for food. Restaurants, please have good lighting! There are thousands of bloggers trying to get good photos of your food! :)

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  1. Hi Erica... I loved taking photos at Robot! I just love the toilets! I totally agree with Ananada the Yakitoris are too dry and tasteless! I had the Robotayaki sampler. Considering that it's their "signature" dish it was very disappointing.