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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Divine Desserts: Sweet Bella

I'm not a very big fan of the name of the place, but I've heard about it before, finally got the chance to go there after my "Jusko Thai" dinner with Jigs. We were supposed to go somewhere else but made a detour into this spot because it was raining! Turned out to be a blessing!

Their display of desserts. What to order?

I'm usually a sucker for macarons. I didn't get to try any so next time, these babies will be mine!

ananda and jigs fighting over what cake to get. lol

This was a really good chocolate cake. It was nice and super moist inside and Ananda said it was "the best cake she's ever" tried. Bear in mind though, that she says that at least once a week, but all in all, it was good. She just didn't like the butterfly because she said it tasted funny.

This is what I liked. Yummy guava mousse still a bit gritty from the fresh guava they used. I love guava flavored anything- but I don't like the actual fruit. Go figure!Inside it were slices of fresh mango. I was so full but we ate most of it.

I still like home-made desserts better. Or maybe I'm just such a critic because my lola, my mom and some of my titas are so good in the kitchen. The Guava Mousse though...MUST TRY!

Sweet Bella is located at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio


  1. Hi! Would it be possible to include the prices of the food you feature here? Thanks :)

  2. Ill try to put prices sometimes Im so busy eating I forget to even take pictures hahaha! ;p

  3. the cakes are delicious unfortunately we found out that the owner was ill tempered with her staff and she doesnt bother if she scolds them infront of the customers...

  4. Wow, that's very unfortunate :( It was a quiet night when I went. it was just us and another table!