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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kitschen Disaster: Rainbow Wreck

While more often than not, my kitchen experiments turn out good, I have my bad days. Today was my second one in the last 2 weeks, and making the same darn thing too.

Rainbow Cupcakes, you are the BANE of my existence!

Ok so last week, I tried making rainbow cupcakes using an adjusted version of my red velvet recipe. The colors looked horrible, because I guess even the slightest bit of cocoa powder will make everything look murky and gross.

My friend Dane told me to use yellow cake mix instead because you see the colors better. So, much as I hate using boxed mixes when I cook or bake, I decided to try it.

Btw, All this I am doing for the benefit of my daughter, who's turning 7 next weekend and wants rainbow cupcakes at her party.

Don't worry, I only bake from scratch for Birthday Cafe! Never use the boxed stuff (but I must admit, this was really good, in a nice junky kiddie way)

1. Follow instructions written on the box.

2. Divide batter into as many colors you want to use. I started with 5, but ended up with a disastrous crazy sludgy purple so I tossed that one out and was left with 4.

Rainbow Brightness!

3. Mix food coloring to your batter but remember to do it bit by bit. Once you put too much in, you are basically screwed. (As I was when I tried making purple)

4. Layer the batter by putting about 3/4 of a teaspoon of each into your cupcake cups. I started w/ the red, followed by yellow, then green and lastly, orange.

Orange...that burned! I used an oven I wasn't used to and it freakin' burned the top layer without cooking the inside. Awful. I was so annoyed because it's not easy layering those colors yo! I will try making these cupcakes again tomorrow and lower the heat. I followed instructions on the box.

I tried to save them but topping them with my cream cheese frosting. Instead of the white chocolate I usually use for my red velvet, I did a strawberry cream cheese frosting.

My cupcakes have holes in the middle because they were undercooked. Sadness. What made this whole thing sadder is that I used a freakin' cake mix and messed it up! haha!

Better luck next time. Tomorrow, rainbow cupcakes. Tomorrow, you are MINE!

Oh btw, I was using my dad's Samsung Galaxy thing for photos, and although they are pretty good, my Canon G11 is still way better. Too bad my dumb ass left it in Alabang. Boohoo.

What was your biggest kitchen disaster?


  1. measured out too much flour for a batch of butter cake and ended up with butter bricks. :)

  2. Maybe this recipe will work? No harm in trying it out!

  3. I hate playing the blame game but I actually think the problem is my new oven. I can't seem to get the temperature right with it and the one im used to is broken. It's so frustrating. My cupcakes turn out of in terms of being all rainbowy and cute- i just can't get them to cook right! They keep burning on top and undercooking in the middle :(