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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Out of the Kitschen: Turn that frown upside down

It all falls down: understanding teen depression

Life is not always cupcakes and cotton candy (I could only wish) and when I'm not out there chasing sugar and carbohydrates, I actually do care about more serious issues in life. One of them is depression, with teen depression being very close to my heart because it is something I went through myself.

So if you know anybody who might be going through it, put that cookie down for a second and click on the link above!

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  1. I get caught up your blog in the early morning, drinking coffee. so, when you said "put that cookie down" I put my coffee down and read your article. Shared it on FB. I'm so glad that you can share this story and help a lot of other teens out there who may feel alone and scared.