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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travel Journal: Bicol Express

Last weekend I flew to Bicol with my office mates to swim with the whale sharks :)

A 6 am flight meant we were at the airport at 4am, and saw the sunrise.

The first thing that will greet you when you land is Mt. Mayon, known for its perfect cone shape. It really is a beautiful volcano!

Vitton Resort, which I jokingly called Luis Vitton lol!

It's probably because of the butandings, but the undercurrent here is so strong! I felt like I was swimming and swimming and not getting anywhere-and I'm a pretty strong swimmer!

Relaxing on the boat before we started our frantic diving. I'm not even joking, the guide will all but push you into the water when there's a whale shark. As he said "Butandings wait for no one!"

Enjoying the sunshine...something you don't get much of when you work a 9-5. It was awesome!

There was a short sun shower when we got on the boat but the sky quickly cleared up and God blessed us with this :)

Of course there was the obligatory jumping shot! We did this more than once...can't help it.

Messing around in the water.... and almost getting washed away by the sea. I wasn't even kidding about that undercurrent.

And.... time to go back to the resort. Til next year butandings! it was a pleasure seeing you!

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  1. You made me miss the beach erica! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos! Gosh... who would have thought I would miss it here in Indonesia which is an archipelago with 10k more islands than we have! Even when I am at the beach here I don't feel like I'm at the beach... I think it's the conservative culture that keeps me from rockin in my bikinis! Sigh!