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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kitschen Dreams: My top kitchen wants and desires

I figured since my birthday is coming up, I have the right to openly say what I want. Not expecting anything but it's nice to have dreams and wishes ;p

1. Paellera
Been needing (WANTING) one for a long time now and haven't had time to get one, or sadly even cook :( It's fairly cheap at Terry's for a small or medium sized one. Hint, hint. haha.

2. Hot Pink Kitchen Aid
I have my mom's old one (almost as old as me) It runs perfectly...but it's not hot pink! ;p

3. Cast Iron Pots and Pans
When I grow up, all my pots and pans will be cast-iron and Abdul will never have to wash dishes.

4. Vintage Tea Set
I bake cupcakes and cookies so I need cute things to put them on ;p

5. Picnic Basket
A proper one with plates and silver and cute fabric!

5. Hand Blender
For quick pureeing- for soups, smoothies, sauces and dips!

6. Food Processor
...and a bigger one for larger quantities!

7. Herb Garden
I would love to be able to pick everything I use from my own backyard.

8. A deep freezer filled with Wagyu
I love steak and might as well have the best...all the time. God, I could only wish.

9. and Toro
Ummm, same as above hehe

10. Outdoor oven
In the future.... :D

11. Chickens in my backyard
Not even kidding, I want fresh eggs all the time! But their house needs to look as cute as this :)

What do YOU want in your kitchen?

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