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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birthday Kitschen: Tea and Tattoos

This year, I turned 32 years old. Ten years ago, 32 seemed so far away and so old. Now that I'm actually here, I ask myself where time went because I still feel like I did ten years ago, minus the drama and with the addition of an almost-7 year old daughter. The night before this was a different story, but on May 7, I wanted to have afternoon tea with my closest friends, so off to Manila Peninsula we went.

Special guest of the day was Buzz Lightyear. Earning his invitation rights by serving us sugar.

Their Earl Grey tea is really good. One sugar and a splash of milk. Heaven. Warning though, service is damn slow. I had to ask for our extra pots 3 times and it took almost 30 minutes for them to serve it.

The afternoon tea set is composed of a 3 tiered tray with a combination of sweet and savory bites.

mini quiches, little croissants with salmon and pastrami and pear sandwiches were the savories. My favorite was the pastrami one. So good.

Madeleines, fruit cake, custard with mango etc for the sweets. I think I had mostly savory stuff. I was nursing a hangover and needed real food!

There were scones, of course! Two per set and everyone went straight for them!

With the usual "scone-diments" clotted cream, strawberry jam and lemon curd.

My favorite girls Margaux, Sarah, Rachel, Vicky and Patricia, with the little princesses Kaya and Ananda.

And my favorite guys Abdul, My dad Jim, Banj and little Cameron.

Another surprise guest-- trying to steal our food!

Tea, scones and kicks... that's how we do.

Red Socks and leather shoes...something my boyfriend brought back from London....

Cameron flanked by girls...and asking for his beer.

Me and my <3

Erica is celebrating her birthday with tea, crumpets and dice on her neck--Margaux

Birthday kisses from the little girls.

Another year...Here we go!

Afternoon tea is available at Manila Peninsula Hotel everyday from 230-530pm Afternoon tea sets are P550++ and the tea buffet is P600++ Call them at 8872888 for reservations.


  1. Everything looked lovely Erica! What a wonderful way to celebrate! You are totally rocking 32!

  2. belated happy birthday!!! :)