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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitschen Escape: I pick, you cook!

So, aside from never being to Kanin Club before a month ago, people are also surprised when I say I've never eaten at a "dampa" For those not in the country, a dampa is a place where you can basically pick out your fresh seafood then choose one of the surrounding booths or restaurants to cook it for you. It comes out cheaper because you are buying the seafood at market price...but then again you end up paying an extra 150-200 for them to cook it for you. Still cheaper than a restaurant that will charge you double the price though.

I was actually doing an ocular for a possible shoot, and ended up eating there. The question is...why have I never done so before? Silly, silly me.

Love that red orange color of the fish!

Lobsters are so pretty, and they aren't all looks. They taste good too ;p

One of my favorite things to eat- squid!

Sugpo--a new word I learned today. I thought all prawns were called hipon haha.

1/2 kilo prawns baked with cheese. I'm maarte, I don't like cheap processed cheese anymore and that's what they use for this. Prawns were nice and juicy though. I'd make this and use a bunch of deli cheeses ;p

1/2 kilo squid...fried and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and chili. This is my favorite anywhere, but it was particularly good here. I ate about a quarter kilo of this stuff. With garlic rice!

We also asked for grilled lapu lapu with lemon butter sauce. This is a 500 gram fish. Oh my god, my friend Gina and I were so full!

Outside they also have fruit stands. Saw some avocados. Love these mashed up with milk and sugar. Mochiko's avocado mochi is pretty bomb too!

Mangoes and one of my favorite fruits that for some reason I don't see around often enough- guyabano. i remember my mom freezing fresh guyabano so we could have shakes year round. So, sooooo good! do you choose which "Paluto" spot to go to? It's really up to you. In this particular one in Alabang, there were about 4 or 5 restaurants to choose from and Gina and I chose this one called "SIS" because these two ostentatious gheys caught our attention as they worked their PR skills at the door....and you know how much we love our gays ;p When we sat down to take our orders, we also realized that EVERYONE who worked in that restaurant was gay. Loves it!

Seaside Dampa is located along Daang Hari Road in Alabang

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  1. I totally miss dampa! And yes cannot believe that it's your first time. Coming from Mindanao and living so near the sea I grew up only eating freshly caught stuff so I barely eat seafood in Manila unless it was in dampa because if it's not fresh you have only yourself to blame since you picked it =P and it's cheap! Seafood is so cheap in Mindanao that I refused to pay resto prices for the same thing!

    I'm happy to report that there is a sort of version of dampa here. It's called Ikan Bakar or grilled seafood! And with the indonesian spices and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) it's soooooooo good too!