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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Traveling Tummy: London Calling Part 3: Sunday Chillin'

Fattoush Salad- A lebanese salad with fried pita and sumac. Nice, light and refeshing.

Host # 1 Faisal manning the grill!

....and of course, a close up shot- lamb and chicken are always welcome in my tummy!

With my long lost Rodney! I've missed you!

Post lunch chismisan. Topics ranged from politics to stuff I can't really mention here haha!

Home-made pear pie by Faisal again. OK, I'm starting to see who the chef in this household is...

Eaten with home-made pina colada ice cream topped with toasted coconut. Simply divine! So good. I would have eaten more if I wasn't so stuffed from the food and wine.

Went for an hour and a half walk through the park after lunch. Omg, we needed to!Beside me is Host #2 Missy!

Along the way we some some graffiti. This was along the old railroad tracks (no more tracks though)

Ran into some artists doin their thang.

London Welcomed me with open arms. I really love this city.


  1. Sumac! That's what I've been looking for in Manila! Would you know where I can buy some sumac here in the Pinas? :-)

  2. hmmm, I'm not sure actually. I bought mine in Sydney! Maybe check specialty shops like Santi's (although I really don't know if they would have :( if i see any ill let u know!

  3. Thanks! I'll check Santi's for the time being. :-)I know that salad tasted divine!