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Sunday, July 24, 2011

London Calling Part 8: Borough Market Part 1

We have some pretty good weekend food markets here in Manila, and you will most likely find me in one of them every single weekend...but Borough Market in London is on another level. The diverse selection of food can cause anyone to get confused and not know what to try first.

Sign that shows all the sections of the market. From fresh produce, butchers, seafood vendors, crazy fresh veggies, to food you can eat there, treats you can bring home...OMG!

The first time I tried Turkish Delight was the Cadbury chocolate covered version and it was the most vile thing I've ever tasted. A few years later though, I tried the real thing and Hello, Cadbury, what were you thinking? I've been a fan eversince so when I saw a stall that sold like 30 different flavors, I had to get some!

Fresh breads- any kind you want!

Cured deli meats---oh look a pig's foot haha!

Olives, pickled garlic and other stuff you can bottle and bring home!

This wasn't the only stall selling fresh wheels of cheese!

And an entire stall devoted to truffles. I got truffle honey and brought home some foie gras and truffle parfait to share with my friends that night.

Thank you France for the lovely thing called goose fat. The world owes you for all the goose parts you use to make lovely food.

They were also selling duck sandwiches. I didn't get this because I was already stuffed but OMG, smelled delish.

More Borough Market next entry ;p

If you're planning to go, closest tube station is London Bridge :D

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  1. Gosh maybe this is a sign, but I am seeing so much London these days. I am definitely calling the Universe to conspire for a London posting next for us! It would be a great place to start having kids and to eat! I love all your London posts! Thanks for sharing all the gastronomic delights!