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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitschen Dinner: What girls eat when nobody's looking

Had a little wine and cheese thing at home with some of my favorite ladies Margaux, Sarah and Rae. By "little" I mean a lot and by "wine and cheese" I actually mean that plus plus. A much needed night. I miss them all the time! We should all just live in the same building!

Brie, Taleggio, Air dried bacon, beef salami, crackers, strawberry jam and Biscoff spread

Spanish chorizo cooked in red wine, onions and garlic and served with bread

Brownies--- you ain't lived until you've had this with Biscoff Spread!

Camambert with Basil!

Sarah and Margaux

Rachel and moi!

Off to England today! Watch out for my Traveling Tummy entries! :)

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