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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spotlight: Hylton's menu at The Establishment

Last weekend, Abdul and I had a lovely dinner out at The Establishment's Crystal Room where our friend, Chef Hylton Le Roux was a guest chef for the month of June. I know his stint over there is done so I can't even recommend that you go try it out, but here's a recap of the 11 course degustation we had!

First three courses were starters. This one was the Warm gnocchi salad with pancetta, parmesan and pesto oil. I'm not a big fan of pesto when it's in large amounts like in pasta, but this little touch of it brought the whole thing together. It was the first thing I ate and set the tone of what to expect that night!

This was on the other side of the plate. Goat Cheese and Truffle mousse with tomato jam and aged balsamic. OMG, this was so good. In between this and the gnocchi was Seared foie gras, which of course I loved but THAT would usually be the star of my night. This time it was overshadowed by this lovely, lovely mousse made with 2 of my favorite things ever!

Next to come out was Pumpkin soup with truffle oil, Broccoli and Watercress soup with poached egg and crispy bacon and Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad. I liked the Broccoli soup better just because I felt the pumpkin soup needed to be seasoned a tad bit more. It was good though and I loved thick creamy soups!

Next was olive oil poached salmon with chorizo. I'm very picky with my salmon and it's not always my first choice when it comes to fish, but I liked the contrast with the chorizo and I ended up eating the entire thing!

Seared Angus Beef with leeks, french beans, onion jam. Beef is ALWAYS the right answer. ALWAYS. I love beef and if it wasn't bad for you, I would eat steak, medium rare, every single day of my life. I saved this one for last! haha!

For the mains, the last of the bunch was roast chicken with mushroom and parmesan risotto and olive oil. Loved this one! Hylton says he loves both making and eating risotto- so if the chef loves it, you can be sure it's good.

For dessert we had Creme Brulee, Biscotti and Coffee Mousse with whipped cream. At this point I was stuffed beyond belief and managed the creme brulee and half the biscotti. I don't drink coffee so I ate a bite of the mousse just to taste.

A satisfying and filling meal, for sure! We ended up meeting up with friends after but all I really wanted to do was go home, curl up in bed and digest! haha!

Thumbs up Hylton!

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  1. Wow thanks for sharing this feast erica! Im so intrigued with this chef already! =)