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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

London Calling Part 6: When the East is in the house Part 1

When I'm not stuffing my face, thinking, dreaming or talking about food, I actually do enjoy other things, which is why from time to time, my blog entries don't involve me cooking, at a restaurant or raving about what I had for lunch yesterday.

One other thing I love doing is walking. Yes, using the two pretty feet ( narrow and dainty I must say) that God has given me to get around- which is almost unheard of in Manila where there are more wheels than toes. Whenever I am in what I like to call "Walking cities" such as New York, London and San Francisco, I jump at the chance.

East London is one of my favorite places because it still has that grit and rawness that other parts of the city seems to have lost. Street art and interesting characters are two important things in my book so I spent an afternoon walking around Shoreditch, which was about 10 minutes away from my old 'hood.

Welcome to Shoreditch

I was looking for some Space Invader pieces and couldn't find any! Where are they hiding?!

Location: Old Street station- Shoreditch-Brick Lane-Aldgate East station

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  1. I know what you mean about walking cities and Jakarta is definitely not one of them. They have really pretty tree-lines streets but the lack of sidewalks, Manila like weather and the pollution is not for me. Street art is very much alive here though and I love it. I love seeing your pictures of East London! Thanks for sharing!