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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Traveling Tummy: LA- SPAGO

Oops! One more LA post I forgot about (because I didn't have my camera and was using other people's cams!)

This was our last work night (I stayed 4 extra days after to hang out with friends) (and eat Umami) and the Penshoppe people graciously hosted our final dinner at Spago as a thank you to us for traveling to the US to interview their latest endorser, Zac Efron (umm I think WE should have said thanks haha!) After our one-on-one interviews, we went over to Beverly Hills to try out one of Wolfgang Pucks famed restos.Sans Zac, unfortunately. haha.

Me doing my final look-through of my questions for Zac

The smoked salmon and caviar pizza and Tuna cone at Spago. I think these two were my favorite parts of the meal. I think I could have eaten at least 3 of each!

Slow braised beef short rib tortellini. I originally wanted the short ribs I saw on the menu as my main but they ran out. Argh! To be fair, we were there quite late. I should have ordered this instead to follow my mushroom soup starter. My friend and fellow journalist got this. Looked delish! I'm a sucker for anything braised or slow cooked. The meat is usually so tender it falls off the bone and shreds!

This! If I wasn't so stuffed (and had no shame) I would have eaten all of this. I can't even remember what it's called but it had chocolate and more chocolate and toffee popcorn. Amazeballs.

Surprisingly, my main was my least favorite part of my meal. I would have wanted my steak bloodier (next time I should just ask them to carve the cow in front of me and put it on my plate haha) but maybe it was also because after my starters, I was full already.
  My last LA post, for realz. London is calling so see you English folk on May 1! 

Spago is located at 176 North Canon Drive. Phone: 310-385-0880

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  1. Oh my... *drools

    Everything looks so good but wait... ZAC EFRON?! No way?! You are sooo LUCKY! GAH!

    Hey, I'm a sucker for braised or slow cooked stuff too! :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)