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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Traveling Tummy-LA: More LA eats

Since I have so many random pictures of food from my trip, I decided to finish of my LA series with this blog post (so many restos, not enough photos from each to merit a blog entry each)

If you are as confused as I was about LA (hardly ever visit there.. I'm more a NY kinda gal)you will be happy to know (and you already saw from previous blog posts) that there is lots to eat over there. Try to have a car available though because it's hard to get around without one and cabs are expensive! Anyway, here goes:

First up Wurstkuche if you find yourself in downtown LA. It's a very unassuming building on a street corner and honestly, you might even miss it if you don't know what you are looking for. It's worth a visit though for their selection of crazy sausages. Aside from the usual bratwursts and kielbasas, you can also order rabbit and veal sausages or even rattlesnake. Toppings are simple, caramelized onions or fried peppers, or both. Condiments are at the table. Get fries to go with your sausage and maybe a cider or beer from their wide selection.

If you want dessert, across the street is The Pie Hole, a small bakery/cafe with interesting sweet and savory pies (mac n cheese pie anyone?) I was so full that I didn't even order this slice of Maple Custard pie that was so good. It basically tasted like pecan pie without the nuts.

When I first started making chocolate covered bacon, it was such a big deal over here. "That's so weird" "What chocolate and bacon?" But look at the overflow of chocolate bacon we have now. Everyone has their own version of it to the point that it's not even special anymore. Know what's special now? FRIED CHICKEN CUPCAKES. Yup, you read right. My cousin posted a photo of it awhile back so when I was in LA, I was like, "right, I need to try this." It sounds really good or really disgusting, depending on who you ask. I'm on the team of the former and honestly, it's good! Like chicken and waffles! Below if the blueberry and bacon cupcake. Creative, and yes, weird, but hey, I'd eat it.

My friend also took me to Oinkster in Eagle Rock on the way to Pasadena, which was featured in that show Diners, Drive-ins and dives. This was the day AFTER Umami so for me, a burger was a burger was a burger... unless it was an Umamu burger haha! Above are the chicken and brie sandwich and the veggie burger.

While waiting and waiting...and waiting (there was a 2.5 hour wait and like a million people before us) for a table at Boiling Crab, we decided to eff it and just eat in one of the surrounding restos. We ended up in this Korean Chicken and Pizza place called Love Letter (so weird) Anyway, food was ok, but if you want stuff like Bulgogi Pizza and really crispy Korean chicken, eat here.

Got some qt with high school buddies--here with Rochelle.

With Missy who I hadn't seen in over a decade!

And Paul who drove down from SF. Yay!

Oh I forgot, I actually have to do another review on Spago, Wolfgang Puck's resto that we also went to. I borrowed someone's camera for that though so waiting for the photos! For now though, so long LA posts. More when I visit again. Next up: Baguio! :D

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