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Monday, May 14, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London: Brixton Village

London, we meet again. 

Words cannot properly express how much I love this city. The first time I went, I was 17 years old and I didn't even actually stay in London. I was in Oxford for a month long high school summer program and got to visit London a few times while I was there. The next time I went was years later, in 2005 when I took an intensive make-up course for a few months. I cried when I left. It took another 6 years for me to set foot there again, and after I left England last year, I was left wondering when I'd be able to go again. Fast forward to May 2012, a mere ten months later, I found myself back in one of my favorite places on earth for work--> which fell right around my birthday week!

After all my work related stuff was done, I had a few days to catch up with friends, visit my favorite haunts and discover new ones. One of my new favorite places is Brixton Village, formerly Granville Arcade. This little spot is home to a bunch of cool little shops and small cafes and restaurants, all with their own personality. Btw, Brixton is also home to "Electric Avenue", as in the song haha.

At Market House for "a few" drinks after we had dinner with Ayian, Bianca and Misy

Yeah what "a few" drinks can do to you.

After a super hearty dinner at this Colombian spot in Brixton Village. *burp* (scroll down for what we ate)


At United 80. I should've gotten that Erykah Badu one. I was eying it the whole time!

More cool things at United 80.

Empanada at Restaurante Santafereno (Colombian resto) This was yummy. I was full after it though and I had a huge steak coming.

So on the menu there was "cornbread and cheese" and "cornbread made in cheese" We figured the "made in cheese" would mean it had MORE cheese. It looks so good right? Well, it wasn't. LOL! It barely had any taste. What a disappointment!

I got this steak with onion gravy and egg. It came with a side of fries (chips!) AND rice and this plantain pancake + a fried plantain. How much can one person eat?! Bit for less than a tenner, wow good deal!

This is what first world tilapia looks like- pumped up on steroids (it looks like it at least lol) This fish was huge! We were warned about the big ass servings in this resto but we didn't listen! haha!
  I'm still thinking about that Erykah Badu art work. Maybe I'll find myself back in London again soon? Here's hoping.

Brixton Village is located along Atlantic Road, London SW9. Open Mon-Weds 10am to 6pm; Thurs-Sat 10am to 10pm; Sun 12pm to 5pm

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