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Friday, April 20, 2012

Gourmet Kitschen TV EPISODE 2

So, we've filmed about 6 episodes of Gourmet Kitschen TV so far and plan to do 6 more for a full "season" Here's the teaser for the 2nd episode with guests DJ Mars Miranda and Host/Model Sanya Smith, both nightlife staples. Let's see how good they are in the kitchen! ;p

And in case you missed Episode 1, aka The Brunch Episode, we had former Boracay Kiteboarder (former bec she now resides in Morocco) Danielle Gonzalez and host Cesca Litton gracing us with their presence. Click below to watch it! :D

If you have any suggestions for guests or comments about the show, feel free to give them :) Thanks all!


  1. Hope to see Cesca Litton with Nicole Hernandez and Kelly Misa in one of your episodes! :-)

  2. Love the music on your show, perhaps you can enlighten us as to what they are :) Also, thank you for sharing your culinary talent with us hopeless ones hehe!