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Friday, April 13, 2012

Traveling Tummy-LA: Umami Burger

I had heard many wonderful stories about Umami Burger from friends who take frequent trips to LA and from those that live there. Everyone raved about it being the best burger they ever tried... the soft bun, the yummy patty and the perfect combination of toppings regardless of what kind you order.
When I found out about my LA trip, the first thought that came into my head was "OMG, I will FINALLY get to try Umami" (with matching tear in my eye) I quickly looked up the menu and decided on what I wanted to eat.

I couldn't. Everything on it sounded so good. So, we ended up going to Umamicatessen- their newest restaurant that also houses four other places. It's like the inception of restaurant-restaurants within a restaurant. So there was the regular umami burger menu, PIGG by Chris Cosentino, which by name alone is obviously all types of pork (I'm a Chris Cosentino fan by the way) There is also The Cure, a kosher deli with sandwiches, matzo ball soup and knishes, Spring for Coffee pandering fresh brews, The Back Bar, where Adrian Biggs of Harvard and Stone both bottled and on tap beers, wines and classic cocktails with a twist and lastly &a Donuts- fried to order pillowy delights. I couldn't wait to try the Foie Gras and Jelly Donut.

I ended up with the truffle burger- a best seller and what most of my friends recommended. I shared an order of smushed potatoes with my friend Paul, who got the Umami burger. WE WAITED almost 2 hours for a table and I was pretty sure my party of 12 LA locals hated me, but I didn't care, I had to have my burger and foie gras donut!

Don't bother with the smushed potatoes. They were literally bland potatoes well, umm, smushed. Go for the truffle fries or cheese tots instead (had both when I did Umami Round 2)

My Truffle burger. Beef Patty, house made truffle cheese and truffle glaze. You'd think it'd be overkill but it's not. It's the best damn burger I've ever had. So sinful and worth it's $11 (600 pesos) price tag. The second time I went, I had the manly burger which had salty battered fried onions and bacon lardons. Holy Crap. So good too.

Paul's Umami Burger w/ caramelized onions, umami ketchup, roasted tomato and parmesan crisp. I don't like ketchup, but their version is not the gross vinegary kind that commercial varieties usually are. It's tastes more like tomato paste- tangy but still with a fresh tomato taste.

We shared this FOJ (foie gras and jelly donut) To be quite honest, my mind wasn't really blown so I was a bit disappointed because I was dreaming about it for so long. Don't get me wrong, it's not BAD, but it's just OK. And all the while I kept wishing the foie gras was peanut butter instead.

Oh and the BEST part...I GOT TO MEET Chris Cosentino! I was like a silly little fan girl I swear. Happiness!

I spent my last meal at Umami Burger again, but the one in Sta. Monica, on the way to the airport. My burger life will never be the same. I'm serious. Goodbye Shake Shack (well, i'll probably take that back next time Im in NYC) and I'm one of the weird people who is not gaga over In-n-out. Umami. Yes. I've found my burger soul mate.

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