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Monday, October 3, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: Quick Kebabs and other fast party food

Last Saturday was Abdul's birthday party and we were supposed to play paintball. Unfortunately, the weather this time of year never cooperates with outdoor plans so we moved the party and turned it into a booze and bbq day at my house.

Always one to jump at the chance to make food for a gazillion people, I volunteered to make 85% of the menu. I always love challenging myself to kake things based on occasion and how many people are coming.

Let me share my recipe for super quick kebabs:

Grind up fresh coriander and fresh cumin seed with a mortar and pestle. I would say a food processor but I like it very roughly ground up. I used about 1/4 cup each for a few kilos of really good quality beef.

Out the coriander and cumin seed mix on your beef and add fresh black pepper. You can put as much of this as you like. Add some rock salt also to your taste.

Add fresh chopped garlic. Again, as much as you like. I probably used 1/2 cup.

Add garlic powder and onion powder, about 1tbs each.

Add a dash of cinnamon.

Marinate for about 3-4 hours.

Place beef in skewers with bell pepper, onion and tomato.


Using fresh cumin and coriander seeds really makes a difference. You can get them at Indian food stores for really cheap. Serve with hoe made garlic yogurt sauce.

You can also serve

Wings. The easiest stuff to make and you can marinate with whatever you like. You can also fry, grill or bake- it's up to you! I made wings with paprika paste, soy sauce and pepper, fried it and tossed it in pineapple salsa.

Fish is easy to grill and doesn't take very long to marinate.

I made my adobo-brie spring rolls with adobo and honey dipping sauces again and again everyone loved them. I think this is part of my regular menu na.

What else we had:
My own version of my favorite corn in Cafe Habana in NY. Ok this isn't the corn, this is the lime you squeeze on it after you smother it with a bunch of other things like a yogurt-sour cream mixtures, feta cheese and cayenne pepper.

and we also had chili dogs. My photos are useless because we were too busy having fun and eating...and of course drinking.

I also made a giant version of my barnaby cupcakes--look!

Two layers of triple chocolate cake with a layer of pb and jelly in between and toasted marshmallows on top! It looks crazy don't it? lol


  1. YUUUUUUUUUUM! That cake looks extra yummy :)

  2. It is so late now and everytime I visit your blog, I get super hungry. Man, you have talents! And have I mentioned that your blog is great? Well, I am saying it now. <3 E. :)

  3. It's OOZING!!! I love it!