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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kitschen Brekky: Dress up your bread

Tired of silogs for breakfast? I know it's a Pinoy staple but I personally can't have it every morning. Big, rice-filled brekky meals are usually saved for Sundays or hangover mornings, which is probably once a week. I can't function the rest of the day if I'm too stuffed from breakfast.

So, my go to is usually bread. There is so much you can do with one slice. Here's one of my favorites:

UCC's croissanwich bread with Asiago cheese and fried mushrooms with garlic + truffle salt.

I love mushrooms. I love cheese. I think I could actually have different variations of cheese on toast every morning...forever.

I know fresh mushrooms aren't cheap here but WHEN possible, please use them and not the sad canned ones that don't even taste like mushrooms!

GOOD MORNING! Happy Saturday!

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