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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: Roast Thai Chicken

The size of your chicken will depend on how many people you're feeding. I had a fairly small one which was perfect for 3 people plus Ananda. I love Thai Green Curry so I decided to do a deconstructed version of how I usually make it and marinated it in thai green curry paste, fish sauce, brown sugar, bagoong, pepper, olive oil, ginger and coconut milk for about 4 hours.I stuffed it with half a lime and lemongrass too.

Meanwhile my little kitchen elf was prepping the side---squash with salt and pepper, brown sugar and coriander.

Finished product with thai green curry gravy.

Serve with bagoong on the side! Lessen the green curry paste if you are feeding kids- it can get spicy!

Try! Enjoy! Get back to me!


  1. i would love to make it.. but minus the fish sauce (christian's gout nemesis) and the spicy for him.. LOL. do you the sinignang chicken on here somewhere?

  2. NO haha I am no ever putting that recipe on my blog lol! i'll email it to you nalang!