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Monday, January 3, 2011

World Bites: The best chicken you've never tasted!

I know I used to talk a lot about Bon Chon on Facebook and Twitter, but the true love of my chicken life is El Jannah, a hole in the wall Lebanese Charcoal Chicken place located right outside the Granville station here in Sydney.

I first tried it at a party and it instantly raised the bar for all chicken ever to enter my life. I'm not being dramatic. It's the truth.

Up close and personal

Eat With...

Hot Chips. The best ever, liberally sprinkled with Chicken Salt.

Yes, I call "fries" chips when I'm in Australia.

Tabbouleh to cleanse the palate

and...this. OMG. This is what makes this chicken a winner- forever.
Garlic Sauce. I could eat this alone. With a spoon. Disgusting I know but really, I could.

This is what I miss most about Sydney. (Sorry Friends)


  1. patti: IT IS! omg it's THE BEST EVER. If we're ever in Sydney together I promise to take you.

  2. I would go back to Sydney just for this!