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Monday, January 17, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: Because home-cooked is always better than store-bought

Last night, I made dinner at home for me and Abdul. There was no real occasion but I know he enjoys my home-cooked meals and I hadn't cooked for him in awhile. I procrastinated like crazy and ended up with no real time to cook. I was supposed to have soup but ran out of time, so instead I came up with:

Focaccia dipped in olive oil and balsamic and served with Pepperberry Almond Dukkah to start

Mixed Greens topped with shitake sauteed in garlic, shallots and balsamic with an olive oil, lemon, parmesan and hint of chilli dressing

Rib Eye Steak with a side of buttered asparagus

Dirty mashed potatoes with sour cream, garlic, parmesan and basil

My little kitchen elf

Needless to say, We went to bed stuffed and happy :)


  1. Loving your cooking Erica :-) you should put up a restaurant already :-)

  2. Hay Luis! I want! One of these days I will, but for now, I'll cook for you guys for one of our get togethers!