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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Traveling Tummy: Bits and Bites of Baguio

I was not expecting this gigantor dessert (this is huge in Philippine Standards)--2 big scoops of ice cream, 2 brownies and fresh strawberries

Galbi Gui from Kung Jeon. It was OK. I've had better but I was ok with it. Abdul didn't like it.

Abdul, who used to live in San Francisco said "Hey look, it's Daly City" haha! This was on the way to the strawberry fields in La Trinidad.

Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad. My daughter was on a mission.

Cute little hot chocolate place in Camp John Hay also has REALLY good Palabok and Arroz Caldo!

Seriously, Yum.

Corn at Mine's View

Horrible frog's head coin purses

Is this too explicit for a food and travel blog? Perhaps, but it clearly isn't too explicit to be in broad daylight in a tourist spot in Baguio.

A trip to Baguio is never complete for us without a final meal at Cafe by the Ruins

Zucchini patties with parmesan and kesong puti

Kamote bread with herbed cheese spread

One downside to our trip: This diner used to be our favorite place as kids, when it was still downtown. Now it sucks. Everything sucks except the pancakes and I'm not even exaggerating.

This cheeseburger for instance, looks big in size but was filled with extenders, had no taste except for the SWEET mayo. It was pretty disgusting. Someone else on the table got a BLT, took one look at it and called it a Bread Sandwich.

My childhood is now ruined.

Sarah was seriously everywhere we looked.

K,D and A :)

...and they mommas!

I LOVE Baguio! Hopefully another trip up the mountain soon!


  1. Baguio Cold Chillin' FTW!!!

    50's Dinner FTL!!! Womp Womp!

  2. love all the foods u post...i wonder what camera SLR u use

  3. I use a Canon G11. Im super happy with it :)

  4. Oh my God am so loving your blog with all the yummy foodies and great food photography my dear :-) congratulations and looking forward to more foodies :-)