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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Restaurant Review: 2nd's Comfort Food Revisited

My friend Dane just came from a month long retreat and homecoming in Spain and before she went back to her home, the lovely island of Boracay, we wanted to hang out and catch up! I suggested a new place called 2nd's. It's located at the old Mag.Net at the Fort, right across from Cav and The Spa. I liked the simple and cozy interiors. I did NOT like that they were charging "Club" prices for their tiny drinks. Skip drinking there and go somewhere cheaper!

Bacon Chicharon--sounds good right? Well, it actually sounds better than it tastes. It's not bad, it just tastes like lightly battered fried bacon with fancy dip *aka, muscovado Dijon mustard and spicy vinegar* Maybe working with bacon so much has turned me into a bacon snob? Haha. It's not a bad appetizer, but it's fried bacon basically- go for the Pinoy Tapas instead-adobo coroquetas and foie gras salpicao. Didn't try it but it sounds like it would be more worth eating.

Now THIS, I LOVED. Order the Roast Beef and Raclette Sandwich--an open-faced sandwich with caramelized onions, tender slices of beef and melted raclette on top. It seems small when it's served, but under that cheese is a heap of meat! It comes with a bunch of condiments and fries on the side. I got mine with mashed potatoes instead. I was full halfway through but I ate the entire thing! It was worth the food baby I had to carry around after.

My friend had her "Fancy Mac n' Cheese", as she called it. Official name is Truffled Mac n' Three Cheese with Emental, Sharp Cheddar and Blue Cheese. She said it was good too- and this is coming from a mac n' cheese lover who ate it somewhere else the night before. Too stuffed to even try it-- I should have skipped that Bacon Chicharon!

2nd's is located at 2/F, Quadrant 3, Bonifacio Highstreet, 9th Avenue, Global City, Taguig. Call 8465293 for reservations.

Danielle is located at Ti Braz in Boracay, go say Hi when you're on the island.


  1. Great dinner date! Although yeah i wish the drinks hadnt been so pricey.. I would have wanted to get a little more hammered! xxx


  2. hi! i'm nina. thanks for posting this blog now i know where will i treat my boyfriend for our 7th year anniversary. hehe! i really love your blog posts! :)

  3. Thanks so much nina! I'm glad I got a new camera- makes all my photos so much nicer haha! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Hi, thanks for this blog! If I may ask, how much did it cost you for this dinner?

  5. Hi I think we spent 1000 each :) that's for the deep fried bacon, my open faced sandwich and 2 drinks.

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