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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Traveling Tummy: Grill'd

Grill'd in Darling Harbour (They also have other branches)

Ala's cheeseburger with bacon in a traditional bun

My burger- exactly like Ala's but in a different bun

Hand Cut Chips tossed in salt, pepper and oregano I think. So good!

The words "Healthy" and "Burger" are never to be spoken in the same breath, and those that do are probably lying. Seriously, how can a quarter pound of ground beef, gooey cheese, bacon and condiments be healthy? No matter though, because for people like me, it's all about the flavor and general satisfaction food gives me. At my age, I should probably be more conscious of the health benefits I get (or don't get) from the food I eat, but before you crazy fitness freaks start preaching--I DO have my share of salad and fish marinated in nothing but lemon, pepper and garlic, but WHY would I write about boring things like that?

Anyway, this burger joint Grill'd in Sydney claims to have healthy burgers. Whether or not this is true really doesn't matter to me. They have yummy burgers in creative flavors like "Kung Fu Fighter" (with shredded carrot, satay sauce, herb mayo and coriander) and "Hot Mama" (with roasted peppers, tzatziki, cheese, salad and harissa paste) as well as a wide selection of Lamb, Chicken and Veggie burgers. You can even choose between a panini or traditional wholemeal bun and please don't miss out on their hand cut chips- they are awesome with the herbed mayo dip.

More on Grill'd here---

PS. To be fair, both my sister and I agreed that the burgers didn't give us that sick feeling after we ate it and it wasn't oily...I still don't know about "healthy" but I would go back :)


  1. Hey there! I noticed that your pictures are different.. Looking good! Did you change cameras?

  2. Haha yes Im using a G11 now!