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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WORLD BITES: No place does pizza like New York

What is it about New York slices? People say it’s the dough, and even if you copy your favorite NY pizza dough recipe, it still won’t taste the same. Why? Because still others say it’s the water. I don’t care how many pizza places here are named after New York boroughs or icons, they will never compare to even the $1 slices you can get random places around the city.

But Manhattan is not even where you will find my favorite pizza in the whole of New York (although Artichoke pizza in the East Village comes a close second) In order to get to my favorite pizza, you need to get on the Staten Island Ferry and take that 25 minute ride out of the city. There you will find a small pizzeria called Village Maria where they sell the best chicken and broccoli pizza ever.

Imagine this: Nice chewy crust, a garlic cream sauce, fresh broccoli and tender chunks of chicken. The first time I tried this was when my friend picked me up from the airport after an 8 hour flight. I was tired and cranky and not hungry. Until I took a bite.

It may not look like much (I already warned you about my sucky photography skills) and must warn you now that my camera is waterproof, freeze proof and shock proof but is otherwise useless.

Again, it may not look like much but I assure you, it is worth the trip. So worth it that my friend Sarah bought a whole pie before she left New York last week, and brought it home for her brother, husband and me to share. We fiend for this so much once in awhile, it actually physically hurts.

My precious Village Maria slice delivered to me protected in plastic wrap, foil and a ziplock bag, kept frozen until ready to be devoured. It took almost a whole day and a plane ride for it to get here, and dried out a bit when I toasted it, but still absolutely heavenly when I took my first bite.

Village Maria Pizzeria II, 768 Manor Rd, STATEN ISLAND, NY 10314

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