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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen vs. Kitschen

Let’s get one thing straight. This is not going to be like your typical food blog with awesome professional looking photographs and that whole shebang.

I just enjoy cooking. I more often than not, have no time to, or forget to take photos while I am cooking and will end up with pictures of just the finished product or even half eaten food (I know, how barbaric)

I have no formal training and I cook by taste and feel. I think I have one gift, and that is I know what tastes good together. Other than that, I am a blind woman feeling her way around the kitchen.

The name Gourmet Kitschen is is a play on words and proof of how ironic and weird I can be. Kitsch has been said to be the opposite of art- a cheap, “slapping together” of things and passing itself off as art. I must say my cooking escapades are quite the same- a slapping together of random things I may have tasted before, wanted to taste or imagined.

I know that if I had access to the best kitchen and the best equipment, I would probably still cook the same way- messy, irrational- but filled with love and excitement.

The good thing about kitsch is if done the right way, and if it is meant to be that way-it can actually be pretty good :)

Let’s Eat!

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