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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Foodventures: Salcedo Market

One of my favorite haunts in Manila is Salcedo Market. I tried to come by as often as possible even if it's actually really out of the way for me to go. It makes my weekend cheat days so worth it!

I'm always the last to sit down at the market. At restaurants, I'm also always last to order. With so much good food out there, how on earth do you pick just one?

Answer: At this weekend market, you don't. You just need to decide what order you want to eat all your food in.

As I walked around, I decided to take photos of some of the things you can try at the market and fresh produce you can take home.

TAKOYAKI- Japanese Octopus Balls. Obviously not the "balls" you are thinking. Or maybe that I'm thinking. haha.

Fresh Native Tomatoes and Okra

Cute little pumpkins!

Hungarian Sausages. Yummmm.

Paella Valencia--- well, the tail end of it.

But what REALLY made me happy today was this:

Holy Crap. Before today, I had been craving for Paella Negra for months without being able to feed that desire. So when I saw this at the market today, I pounced on it.

Squid Ink rice, a generous amount of aioli and a squeeze of lime/lemon= Heaven.

Now this is all I want to eat. I think I will buy a Paellera and start experimenting pronto!

It was a nice sunny day too and it started raining right when we left. Good times! :D


  1. I wish I can go here or Legaspi Market one time!!

  2. I want to visit soon in this salcedo market.

    -------> Eiyah @ Salcedo Market