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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gourmet Kitschen Urban Dinner

The first ever Gourmet Kitschen Urban Dinner is happening this Thursday, the 21st of October!

I am thankful I have friends who no only love to eat, but love everything that goes with eating- like the conversation and sense of community you feel when you are breaking bread with people. Sometimes you don’t even really have to know the person eating next to you. Through food, you end up talking and through that, you may find similarities and common friends and interests.

My friend Banj Albano and I have been talking about this for months. Since I like to cook, we figured we’d have a monthly gathering of people who may or may not know each other, but we feel might have like minds or might be able to offer something to everyone else.

The set up is this-We will charge a set amount per head for ingredients and I’ll do all the cooking. We host the dinner and bring people together. Bring your own bottle to share and let the rest of the evening flow. This Thursday is our first day- and we are nervous but excited (well I am, at least! Im cooking! haha) The first is Filipino Fusion, and while some are really considered “fusion”, others are more a different way of serving and eating your favorite Filipino dishes!


Starters: Longanisa and Quezo de Bola Spring Rolls drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar reduction

Fried eggplant and sweet potato with kare-kare dip

Mains: Sinigang Roast Chicken with Tangy Sinigang Gravy

Slow cooked, twice fried maple thyme adobo

Bangus belly with garlic terriyaki glaze

Dessert: Dark Chocolate champorado ala mode (w/ choice of Mantecado or Ube ice cream)

Drink: Pandan Iced Tea and BYOB to share :D

Stay tuned for post-dinner review and photos! And for the next Urban Dinners to come!


  1. wow this looks fantastic!

    when's the sydney edition gourmet kitschen urban dinner? i want to come and play. :)

    - den

  2. Oooh let's do one when im there! That would be awesome!!!! Tell everyone! Im there form dec 22- january 6.