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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Workday Lunches: Cafe Mary Grace

I usually bring my own food to work, but there's days I just can't be bothered to prepare anything or I forget and end up walking over to Alabang Town Center to eat.

We were gonna go get pho but I got sidetracked by the possibility of my favorite ensaymada at Mary Grace. Never tried their food before but I'm glad I did now!

Mary Grace has the whole nostalgic,wholesome thing down pat, with little notes from customers under their glass tables. So cute.

Started with the Onion dip served with cassava chips. This was amazing. It had the texture of kropek (prawn crackers) but made of cassava. The dip was filled with caramelized onion flavor mixed with cheese. I could have eaten just this.

But no. Despite the fact that I am leaving to go to Boracay this weekend, I still insisted on eating pasta- as if I haven't been eating enough!The pasta serving for the Pasta Vongole looks small and you at first will feel like it won't make you full, but halfway through, I was stuffed. (I still finished it though)

My workmates Trina and Tanya both got the chorizo and olive pasta. I think I want this next time.

My girl Margaux got this cream dory pasta with creamy leek sauce, or something like that. She said it was good, but also heavy.

A nice way to spend a Wednesday lunch hour (followed by Sebastian's ice cream)

I never even made it to my ensaymada!

Cafe Mary grace is located at Ground Level, Corte De Las Palmas Alabang Town Center.
Tel: 384-0129 / 828-8476


  1. I love Mary Grace food, the ensaymada with quesong puti and the cheese rolls! Best thing about the food is that it's also quite affordable!

  2. I didn't know Mary Grace has food! My mom brought me the ensaymada once and since then she's not allowed back without it! And how cute, I didn't know they had ambiance too. Tell me more about this "Sebastian's ice cream." lol...

  3. Hahaha That requires a whole other post. I just had Mango Sans Rival Ice cream after dinner today. They also have weird (but good) flavors like Blue cheese and Frozen Taho (Soy ice cream) !!!