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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Workday Lunches: Rice and Shine!

"I've never been to Kanin Club" I uttered one day. Of course I got both confused and pitying looks from several people. My sister, Ala has been raving about this place from a few years ago and never goes back to Australia without going to KC at least once.

OK, so I don't like dinuguan. I never tried it before, but the mere sight of it makes me gag. Couple that with the weird smell and the knowledge of what it is and you've got yourself a fear factor challenge.

"But no, this one is different. I don't like dinuguan either, but I like this one!" they all said collectively about Kanin Club's pride and best seller. I had yet to be convinced.

Thai Green Mango Salad ---I don't really enjoy green mango, but i had a bite of this salad. It's a refreshing break between all the carbs and fat we had. A plus is the coriander, which I love.

Tinapa rice- I could have eaten this on its own. This was soooo good. I ate like 3 servings of rice, and I don't even really ever eat a lot of rice.

Crispy Pork Binagoongan- OMG, I LOVED this. My only regret is that Abdul will never try it because it's so darn good. And I always prefer chicken or beef over pork. This one though, has not seen the last of me yet!

Lumpiang Sariwa- Fresh lumpia with garlc, peanuts and mixed veg. This was ok. It was an honest effort on our part to get something that didn't involve crunchy fat.I still haven't found one I like more than the one sold at DEC Deli though.

And...what everybody goes to KC for- Crispy Dinuguan. It took me awhile to even put a piece on my plate. I can't say enough how much I avoid dinuguan, but after a long while, and many bites of the Binagoongan and tinapa rice, I caved and tried a tiny piece.

Verdict: It was good. Nice crunchy meat, thick sauce---but after that teeny piece, I decided that bite would be my last. I totally get why people like it though, but I guess pork blood just isn't for me.

I was stuffed- but managed a few bites of this Mango with Sticky rice before we left. Aside from the nice sweet rice and mango that usually comprises this dseesert, it had a layer of macapuno. I'm glad my stomach made space for it!

Kanin Club is located at Westgate Center, Alabang


  1. you should try out their SINIGANG RICE, too! it's sooooo good! :)

  2. I heard! I'll try that next time!

  3. OMGosh this is the first time I've heard of this place (because it's in Alabang!) but thanks for sharing! The pictures look delish! And I totally get you about pork blood... it's a mind thing talaga! No matter how good it is.