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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: My very first Crepe

While hanging out at Ti Braz in Boracay, I casually mentioned how cool it looked to make crepes and how I wanted to make one. My friend and manager of the place, Danielle was like "Go ahead and make one" which of course excited me and scared me at the same time. The people that make them make it look so easy but I knew mine would be a mess.

So, Sarah, the enabler that she is (Hi Sarah! haha) said she wanted a crepe and to make one for her, so I gave the list of ingredients I wanted and went behind the bar.

As expected, my first attempted was disastrous. haha. It's harder than it looks!

My second attempt was waaaay better. Ok, that's a lie. It was better, but not by much.

First four layers-- ground beef, emmental, garlic and tomatoes

Last few layers--- bechamel, basil and parmesan cheese

I cheated my way into making it look awesome!
About to serve it to my favorite taste tester, Sarah! (


Visit Ti Braz for crepes on the island! If you're nice and make pa-cute, maybe Danielle will let you get behind the counter too! Oh and their breakfast is awesome here.

Ti Braz is located next to Cafe del Mar (With the big mermaids!) between Station 1 and 2. 50% off on all crepes every Tuesday!

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