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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out of the Kitschen: Truth

I don't spend ALL my time eating.

Untitled from Sarah Meier Albano on Vimeo.

Listen to me and my girls as we ramble for roughly 8 minutes... Don't worry, it's good stuff :)


  1. I listened to this while I was work today. First of all, as gay this sounds, it made me "kilig" to hear your voice again. Second, I remember our friendship began as you were crawling and clawing out of the dark. And seeing you now in your place and who you are makes me so happy. I have seen you become into the light that you are. Continue to shine and spread the happiness and inspire others to have hope that there is good coming.

  2. Aww dee. I miss you. Your comment made me tear up a bit. Let's make NY happen this year. I wanna spend time with you!