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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kitschen Favorites: Pho-shizzle (Pho 24)

I love soup. Any kind of soup. I have often said that I can live eating only soup all my life. I especially like those that involve a nice tasty broth and carbs of some sort, usually either noodles or rice. It's not so surprising that my top three favorites are Japanese Ramen, Vietnamese Pho and Filipino Arroz Caldo.

Pho 24 at Rockwell may not be the exactly like Pho you would find in Saigon, but among all the little Vietnamese franchises, it's my favorite. it's cheap, ingredients are fresh and it's tasty. hits the spot for me and my boyfriend every time.

Start with, fried spring rolls. I wish I could have Nuoc Cham with everything I eat. It's my favorite dipping sauce in the world.

Prawns in sugarcane. Don't even bother. Not worth it. Didn't taste good and there were only 3 pieces.

Condiments for our Pho. We both usually have the mixed beef pho bowl. I put lots of lime, I usually need to ask for an extra wedge. And it NEEDS to be lime, none of that lemon crap!

And finally.....Aaaaaaaahhhhh.....

Pho24 is located at Concourse Lvl., Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center. Makati City, Telephone # 897-8088


  1. Awesome food blog that doesnt sugar coat stuff. I like.

    I also like your boyfriends blog. Does he have a shop I can swing by? I need some new shirts made. Didn't know how else to contact him but to troll your page. Sawry!

  2. thanks dude!

    You can contact Abdul through this email address: and follow him on twitter: @iamdeerhunter

    He has a studio, so just contact him directly :)

    Glad you enjoy the blog. I love food and cooking!