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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Restaurant Rant: Jozu Kin

Abdul wanted to eat dinner at Charlie's in Ronac last Sunday, but I managed to sway him into going to Jozu Kin instead. I had some food from this restaurant a few weeks back at a housewarming and really enjoyed it. I shared this information with the boyfriend and his Japanese food living butt willingly obliged to my request to eat there instead.

Unfortunately, I was really disappointed this time around.

Should have stuck with Charlie's!

Abdul got this spicy tuna maki. He said it was ok. Nothing special.

I got the unagi maki. The unagi looked really limp and sad. It also had a strong fishy taste. I ate it because it was there but I didn't really like it at all.

I also got the tempura roll. The rolls were loose and kept falling apart. The crunchy tempura batter tasted like old oil and it was cold. This gave me a stomach ache after from all the oil. I feel like the tempura itself wasn't cooked well :(

The only thing I actually enjoyed was the garlic rice Abdul got with his main. And the guyabano juice--> but that was out of a can.

For this price range, or even cheaper, go to Omakase instead-- they have never failed me over there!

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