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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: The Stock Market

The Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street is under new management, so I was surprised at how unfamiliar the menu was. My boyfriend and I aren't the mushy Valentine's Day types so we spent the day of hearts having dinner with some relatives.

The Stock Market has a brand new menu. I didn't recognize anything on it, so even if you've eaten here before, you can probably eat here now and it will feel like a whole new restaurant.

Calamri with tartar sauce-- I like how this tasted, but I wish they used the whole squid (with legs) instead of rings

Creamy Spinach and Salmon dip, served with toast. This was yummy and really rich. Make sure you get it to share or you'll be too full to eat your main.

Escargot in a garlic butter sauce. I liked the garlic butter (but of course) but we all found the snail a bit rubbery.

Mussels in white wine sauce. I was so full already but I tried the sauce and it was really good.

Crab Cakes- I've never been a fan of crab cakes but for those of you who always order this, it's worth a try.

Pan fried sea bass with mushroom asparagus risotto. My uncle ordered almost everything on the menu that by the time this came, I was so stuffed I only had 2 bites. It was good the next day though when I brought it to work for lunch.

One complaint I have is that service took forever! I don't know, maybe because it was Valentine's Day, and also only the first week under new management, so I'm willing to let that slide for now.

The Stock Market is located at Bonifacio High Street. For reservations, call 856-6301

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